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When’s Melee? Week 19

July 3, 2015|0 Comments

Welcome to this F C  R E T U R N edition of When’s Melee. Dingus and Treetrunks have gathered the Melee stream info you need […]

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The History Of Philippine Smash Part 5: ESGS And National Expansion

July 3, 2015|0 Comments

National Expansion: Iloilo (from my PoV)

The scene here in the Philippines had been rooted in Manila for most of the part. Iloilo, the former Queen City […]

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Juggleblog: The Big House 5 Registration

July 1, 2015|1 Comment

Registration is now available for The Big House 5 coming up October 2-4, 2015 in Dearborn, MI! Online registration is required for both players and […]

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Tafo Blog: Post CEO Results

July 1, 2015|3 Comments

I don’t know what to think anymore. Is Armada going to win Evo? Will PPMD come from the shadows of stream monstering to take it? […]

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Evo Beta Pools are up!

July 1, 2015|1 Comment

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