#SSBMRANK 1: Mang0




Joseph “Mang0” Marquez | @mang0__
1 Region: SoCal 1o
Main(s) Fox/Falco


Tourney Results 1st at Evo 2013
1st at Zenith 2013
1st at KoC2
2nd at LanHammer
2nd at NCR
Joseph Marquez, better known by his tag “MaNg0,” is the current world champion of Melee. Aptly named “The Natural” by Samox’s documentary, The Smash Brothers, the former Puff main’s Fox took him to victory at Evolution 2013, the largest Melee singles event in history. His fast-paced, aggressive style, incredible dash dance game, and mastery of multiple characters have made him a consistent fan favorite. The modern king of SoCal earns the spot by putting up numerous incredible performances this year, and despite a move to the Midwest, MaNg0 has still been performing well. He’s recently had a kid, but fans hope that he will be in shape soon for Apex 2014.
With a span of national and international victories exceeding 7 years, Mango has cemented himself as the game’s best player to date. He remains a crowd favorite for his uncompromising commitment to aggression, and has been able to overcome adversity in the face of many true contenders, including Armada, Hbox, Dr. PeePee and M2k, To date, Mango’s Pound 3 run is perhaps the most impressive tournament run of all time, and this feat was just the beginning, with events such as Genesis, Pound 4, Zenith, and EVO 2k13 serving to fill out the rest of his resume” – Hugo “HugS” Gonzalez

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