Amino Apps, the leading mobile app community company, is excited to announce Michael “Mike Haze” Pulido as a member of the newly-formed Team Amino competitive gaming team.  Mike Haze will compete under the Team Amino banner in all SSBM tournaments starting with either SSS #42 or Super SmashNest v5. Mike will also contribute regularly to the Smash Amino community posting tournament insights, tutorials, and providing users with early access to his own video content.

 “Mike jumped from being unranked to a Top 40 player this year and really caught our eye not only for his skills, but because he’s hilarious and an all-around cool human. He represents what Smash Amino is all about: a friendly and fun community for the most passionate Smash players. We’re excited to launch Team Amino together with Mike.” -Tyler Pennell, Head of Marketing at Amino

About Mike Haze: Hailing from Burbank, California Mike Haze made a name for himself as Brawl’s most legendary Marth main. Following the resurgence of Melee, Mike made the transition to playing Fox and began to claw his way up the SoCal and National power rankings.  Some of Mike’s most impressive placements include:

  • 3rd at Smash the Record 2015
  • 9th at Super Smash Con
  • 17th at HTC Throwdown
  • 25th at Genesis 3
  • 25th at Big House 5
  • 3rd at Evo 2009

“I am really looking forward to working with Amino and push our presence in eSports even further. With this partnership I’ll be able to travel to more events and spend more time practicing as well as creating content for the community.” -Mike Haze

About Amino: Amino Apps creates mobile app communities for the things people love.  Their mission is to build a mobile community for every interest in the world. With 54 mobile apps so far, they offer fans, gamers, enthusiasts, and collectors a mobile space to explore their passions on a deeper level than anywhere else.

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