After a disappointing performance at Battle of the Five Gods, Armada decided that enough was enough and said that he would be switching back to Peach for all match ups. Currently, Armada uses Fox specifically to counter Hungrybox’s Jigglypuff and Leffen’s Fox after his Young Link and Peach were no longer fitting the bill.

“Leffen often told me that I wasn’t using Peach optimally. After a few chats with him, I realized that he was right all along and now I’m a firm believer that Peach can win any matchup” – Armada

He also added, “Fox is way too difficult to play between having to warm him up and also have the right controller. Too many times, my controller stops working when I need it and it costs me too many sets” Armada also mentioned that he loves the consistency of his Peach and can afford to make many more mistakes without getting killed for it.

As Fox 0-5
As Peach 8-2

Battle of the Five Gods Top 8 Game Count

Given that Armada’s Fox went 0-5 in games for the Top 8 of the Battle of the Five Gods event, it’s understandable that he would reconsider his choices moving up ahead. His Peach has never quite performed against Hungrybox, but Armada’s determined to make it work.

The next time he will be competing with Top US talent is at the Smash Summit 2 later in April.
















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