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Going by the tag Dr. Awesome, David is a So Cal Falco with limited tournament experience but a huge passion for the game. When he is not failing to make it out of pools at SSS he busy studying to be a lawyer.
Sep 15, 2019

The right Assignments Guidance About the

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” In executing so, it expected principal pupils to assess and crank out tips-both equally of which are abilities that market further studying. Recommendations. Homework presents a worthwhile window into the curricula, evaluation practices, and educational choices of lecturers. It […]

Aug 29, 2014

Show Me Your Moves 15 Preview

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by David Mendez

The Tournament
Hosted once again by Ripple, this historic series is seeing some big changes which will be great for entrants and spectators alike. First, a new venue. Instead of the Champaign area church that once housed the series, […]