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Oct 30, 2015

Sheik ledgedash specifics: inputs and grounded actionable ledge intangibility

By |October 30, 2015|Guides, Mechanics|2 Comments

Sheik is infamous for her completely intangible ledgestall with her up special, which allows her to avoid on-stage interaction for an indefinite amount of time, unless the opponent succeeds with a—quite risky—edgehog attempt.
Her up-B ledgestall, usually referred to as “Shino […]

Sep 18, 2015

Controller mechanics: The problem of back dashes and smash turns

By |September 18, 2015|Guides, Mechanics|19 Comments

It’s recently come to my attention that many high-caliber players, including Armada and Axe, have trouble finding a controller that does two things: shield drops when pushing the stick to the south-east or south-west notches, and consistently dashing backwards.
In this […]