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Sep 15, 2016

Guest Article: Smashers Against Sexual Assault

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By: (Neha Chhetri) “Liloandstitchface”


Companion Infographic:
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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Definition of Rape
Statistical Breakdown and Analysis
The Legal Process of Sexual Assault

The Accusation
The Trial

Responding to a Survivor of Sexual Assault
Phrases to Say to a Survivor
Challenging […]

Mar 10, 2014

The Voices of Women in the Super Smash Brothers Community

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Hey everyone. We have a guest writer, Lilo from AZ, who brings us some interesting insight and statistics on sexism in the smash community.
Things are changing in the Super Smash Brothers Community. The community is growing larger every day, with new players coming out in droves to join. People are trying to be more aware and conscious of how their words and actions affect others. Things are changing for the better, but problems still plague us. The issue I would like to address today is the very real and ugly reality of sexism in our community. This post aims to continue spreading awareness about the experiences women in smash have. The point of this post is not to demonize smash, but give women in smash a voice–one that is often overlooked or belittled or just simply not heard.
I’ve asked several women from all over the world to answer honestly about their personal experiences and hopes for the smash community, and compiled it into an infographic, interactive map, and collection of quotes. […]