Nov 28, 2015

Melee It On Me’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Hi everyone! The season of giving has arrived and we here at MIOM have some recommendations for great deals and gifts!  This year we’ve put together a few different categories depending on if you’re just getting started, breaking into content production, or just planning on attending a lot of events soon!

Anything you buy as a result of following these links directly supports MIOM and our ability to create content or provide support for our sponsored player S2J!

Keep an eye on MIOM’s Twitter too, as we’ll be sharing the best deals for Smashers that we can find!

Read more about the guide and simply click on any of the images to view their products!


Nov 18, 2015

s2j joins Melee It On Me!

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We at MIOM are very excited to announce that Johnny “s2j” Kim is now a part of the Melee It On Me Family! If you’re an avid fan of Socal streams, you have probably seen s2j’s Captain Falcon take on […]

Oct 9, 2015

Statistics in Melee – The Stats (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this series outlined the journey from idea to trial run for implementing statistics in Melee. This part will focus more on the data being extracted out of the game and how that data is converted into complex […]

Sep 29, 2015

Statistics In Melee – The Tech (Part 1)

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Statistics are a huge part of any spectator sport. For those who haven’t heard, I’ve been working on a project to gather statistics directly out of Melee. The result of the work was showcased for the first time at HTC Throwdown […]

Feb 20, 2015

The Ultimate Multi-Shine Tutorial Video

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Have you ever seen Westballz or Squid show off their tech skill and wondered how they did it?  Have you ever wonder if 20XX was more than just a meme?  Or maybe you thought multi-shines were impractical and unattainable?  Then you’ve come […]

Sep 3, 2014

September 2014 Preview

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September is historically the weakest tournament month on the Melee calendar. Going into 2014, only one Melee tournament of 100+ entrants has ever occurred in September: you have to go all the way back to Super Champ Combo in 2007. […]

Aug 28, 2014

Pushing Forward: Part 1

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by MIOM|prog
Often, things in the community that are happening are flashes in the pan.  They need to be highlighted because they are shaping the future in various ways, and often can use some assistance from the community.  Recently, the MIOM […]

Aug 22, 2014

On Rotations

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by Noah “Theftz” Gordon

Winner stays on
This mantra is at the heart of every fighting game culture and is a practice that has become the standard for rotations in the smash community. You can trace its roots back to the arcade days, when slipping a quarter into a Super Turbo machine bought you the right to take on all challengers until you were dethroned. However, the CRT is a very different beast than the arcade machine, and it’s time for us as a community to put aside this tradition.

When you insert a quarter into an arcade machine, you are purchasing the right to play time with real capital. A smasher who walks up to a friendly station has made no such purchase. Unless he owns the set-up, he is no more entitled to play time than anyone else sitting at the station. Each player should have the right to equal amount of practice opportunity, regardless of skill.


Aug 21, 2014

Trying to Make a Splash in a Big Ass Pond

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By JJLinyard.About the AuthorJJLinyard has been playing been playing competitive melee for 5 years on (consider myself just above the ‘average’ smasher) and commentating for over a year now. You may have seen him on the Saltyplayground stream a few times.BackgroundAfter my recent trip to the United States (shout outs to the players of NYC and everyone I met at Nebulous), I realized how much passion there is over in The States for smash. This passion is unique and is what has driven the game to where it currently is in the US. Through this article, I hope to share my passion for my local scene, the United Kingdom (UK) smash scene, a smaller community than the typical US sub-region’s community. Recently, in the UK smash scene, we have been running a smash equivalent to The Football League Championship (for you Americans reading, the minor leagues) and how this will lead into an upcoming major, ‘Heir to the Throne’ (HT3). […]

Aug 20, 2014

Lemme Axe You a Question

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by MIOM|Tafokints

Assessing where players are in the Melee totem pole has always been fraught with uncertainty. Unlike other e-sports, the top 25 players might only play each other in a tournament setting once or twice a year. Outside of the big 5, many of these players have very inconsistent placements at nationals, ranging from as high as 5th place to as low as 97th (e.g. s2j at Apex 2014). There are also several cases in recent history where a player’s stock has been elevated over-zealously after one extraordinary tournament performance, only for them to falter at the next major (e.g. aMSa, Leffen, Westballz, etc.).

So it seems we need to be more conservative with our reactions to tournaments, which leads us to ask the more general question: how do we know when one of these players truly deserves to be placed at a higher tier relative to the rest, perhaps a ‘demigod’ tier? As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t think we can elevate players after 1 to 2 solid performances, but, at the same time, how many performances should it take? How should a player perform against other players around the top 25? How consistent should a player be against lower-tier players? Even if we can’t answer these general questions with absolute certainty, perhaps we can see if someone’s performances stand out. Let’s take a look at where we’re at right now: