Nov 9, 2016

ANALOG STICKS: Understanding, testing and troubleshooting your controller’s most important part

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Hi everybody, this is Typo. I’m writing this article to show you how to evaluate your own controller’s analog stick, and to clear the air about several other issues regarding controllers used for competitive Melee. Specifically, this article will serve […]

Oct 30, 2015

Sheik ledgedash specifics: inputs and grounded actionable ledge intangibility

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Sheik is infamous for her completely intangible ledgestall with her up special, which allows her to avoid on-stage interaction for an indefinite amount of time, unless the opponent succeeds with a—quite risky—edgehog attempt.
Her up-B ledgestall, usually referred to as “Shino […]

Sep 18, 2015

Controller mechanics: The problem of back dashes and smash turns

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It’s recently come to my attention that many high-caliber players, including Armada and Axe, have trouble finding a controller that does two things: shield drops when pushing the stick to the south-east or south-west notches, and consistently dashing backwards.
In this […]

Jul 24, 2015

Modding your Controller with LEDs

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Finally! A tutorial on how to add LEDs to your controller with PICTURES showing you how! I hope this tutorial helps you have the sickest controller among your friends!

What this tutorial will be showing is how to install “always-on” LEDs, […]

Jul 15, 2015

A Guide to Establishing Tournament Consistency

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding consistency in tournaments, and I have to say it’s one of my strengths as a player. Keep in mind, this is NOT a guide on how to get better. It’s a […]

Jun 12, 2015

Luigi’s Neutral Game Guide by Ka-Master

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Just like HugS, SSBM Tutorials brings you another guide featuring Smash Pro, Luigi Ka-Master!

For those of you who don’t ‘already know’, Luigi Ka-Master was the original Best Luigi in the World.  He was Ranked #1 in Washington above Eggz and […]

Jun 5, 2015

[A]rmada’s Guide to Peach vs Marth

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This guide will explain in detail the MU between Peach and Marth and how it currently works at the highest level of play. I focus on the neutral game, defensive play, offensive play, and edgeguarding. Keep in mind throughout this […]

Jun 1, 2015

HugS’ guide to Samus’ Neutral Game

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What’s up guys, you already know!  Melee professional and Samus pioneer HugS was kind enough to give the guys at SSBM Tutorials some inside tips on how to play Samus’ neutral game, so we put it into video format for the […]

Mar 9, 2015

Tafo-Guide: What to do at your first tournament?

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This is a common question that comes up on my and also on r/smashbros. Before answering this question, I would like to clear up some misconceptions about tournaments.

1.) “I need to get better before I go”
Regardless of how good […]

Feb 26, 2015

MIOM Podcasts and How to Use Them!

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Hello friends! I’m Nick (aka DarkDragoon), and one of my jobs as the new MIOM member is to manage the podcast!

Now, since it’s been a few years since the MIOM show got going, and the podcast just recently got uploaded […]