Feb 25, 2015

Things Sheik Players Aren’t Doing

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Hey guys, Druggedfox here. You may or may not know me, and if you do it’s probably not because of my sheik. Hopefully none of that matters, and it turns out that you gain by reading this! This all started because I saw […]

Feb 23, 2015

The Personal Meta: A Guide to Tournament Preperation

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Hey all, Crown of Gaming’s own DC here again with an article on how to prepare for tournaments. The information here is a mixture of my own observations and also helpful tips I’ve picked up from speaking with or reading […]

Feb 20, 2015

The Ultimate Multi-Shine Tutorial Video

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Have you ever seen Westballz or Squid show off their tech skill and wondered how they did it?  Have you ever wonder if 20XX was more than just a meme?  Or maybe you thought multi-shines were impractical and unattainable?  Then you’ve come […]

Feb 13, 2015

Guest Article: Conversational Awareness in Commentary

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Hey everyone! Crown of Gaming’s own DC here again with another article on commentary. I’ve been asked this question a bit and there’s a lot to talk about on the subject of, HOW TO WORK WITH ANY CO-COMMENTATOR, or even […]

Jan 13, 2015

Guest Article: Peach vs Falcon Guide

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Captain Falcon with his speed and combos gives Peach lots of trouble. See what Connor from Socal says about the matchup.

Oct 9, 2014

Sharpening Your Sword: Tai’s Marth Guide

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Hello, my name is Tai (@TeeAyEye), and I am a Marth player hailing from the dry deserts of Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been playing Melee competitively since the summer of 2007, and I have been a Marth main for about six […]

Sep 29, 2014

Armada’s Guide to Peach vs Sheik

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Follow him on twitter, @ArmadaUGS, and watch him on Twitch!


Introduction and Differences of PAL/NTSC
This match-up guide will explain Peach vs Sheik works at top level play. The match-up varies depending on which version that you’re playing on. In NTSC, Sheik’s down-throw […]