Jan 19, 2017

Understanding Smash Sisters Events

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How did these events come to be what they are now? I’m not a founder but I was there at the beginning of the Smash Sisters experiment.

But who am I? […]

Jan 13, 2017

Latin America 2016: End of the Year Report

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Si prefieres leer en español puedes dar click a este enlace.

For the second year in a row and with the invaluable help of TO’s and community leaders from 17 different […]

Dec 15, 2016

KirbyKaze joins Melee It On Me!

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Melee It On Me is happy to announce David “KirbyKaze” MacDonald is now a member of the team! KirbyKaze is one of the most seasoned veterans of the game, defeating gods such […]

Dec 8, 2016

Interview: Spinda

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Foreword by DarkDragoon:

In an effort to increase community awareness of players or scenes that don’t usually get the limelight, I’ve been seeking folks willing to write up articles about scenes […]

Dec 6, 2016

Research Report: Smash Skills that Predict Tournament Success

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How do people get good at Smash? What separates the gods from the scrubs?

Anybody who has tried their hand at competitive Smash knows a few specific skills are key to […]

Dec 5, 2016

SSBM Glicko Stats November 2016 Edition

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by Caspar “Mobiusman”  van der Sman (Twitter: @moby_osman)

(Once again the ridiculously short turnaround between majors has worked against me, as this article was supposed to be published before the start of […]

Nov 9, 2016

ANALOG STICKS: Understanding, testing and troubleshooting your controller’s most important part

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Hi everybody, this is Typo. I’m writing this article to show you how to evaluate your own controller’s analog stick, and to clear the air about several other issues regarding […]

Nov 7, 2016

SSBM Glicko Stats October 2016 Edition

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by Caspar “Mobiusman”  van der Sman (Twitter: @moby_osman)

(I had hoped to get this article published before Smash Summit 3, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get it finished in the short […]

Oct 24, 2016

Guest Article: The Curse of the Two-Person Meta; Or, Why Your Friend’s Amazing Yoshi is Causing You to Lose Tournaments

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by Philip

If you’re relatively new to competitive Melee, you may have encountered difficulty in adjusting from playing with your friend in your living room/bedroom to taking on local regulars at […]

Oct 2, 2016

Juggleblog: The Big House 6 Pools & Format

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Pool assignments and format info are now available for The Big House 6 coming up October 7-9, 2016 in Dearborn, MI! Please read below for further details.Please refer to the tourney schedule above […]