Aug 18, 2016

The Melee Games Season 6 Registration Open

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Hello, MattDotZeb here. I am pleased to announce that today The Melee Games has opened it’s registration for the coming season. Our team has been working hard to bring you the best TMG season we can. There have been some […]

Aug 16, 2016

Guest Article: Support Latin America Emerge (ASTRA 2016)

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As stated in our previous article,( ASTRA is the first South American major where the Latin countries will join together. Astra’s latin meaning is “of the stars”, where stars represent the players who want to shine and find new opportunities […]

Jul 29, 2016

The Melee Games: Season 6 Preview

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Break’s over, TMG is back! Well, almost. We’re opening registration for our 6th season on August 15th. Our team has been hard at work setting things up and we’re excited to share with you our plans for this season.
Differences between […]

Jul 29, 2016

Duck joins Melee It On Me!

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Melee It On Me is excited to share that James “Duck” Ma is now a member of the team! Anyone who has followed the world of Melee recently knows that Duck is one of the fastest-rising players in the scene, and we’re excited at […]

Jul 21, 2016

MIOM volunteer applications

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Hi all,

The Melee It On Me team is looking for help from passionate members of the community! While these roles will begin on a volunteer basis, you will have the opportunity to network with some of the most valuable leaders in the scene and the […]

Jul 14, 2016

EVO 2016: Players To Watch

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By Eli Schoop

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, a smasher’s true Christmas, and it’s less than a week away. EVO has been wholly entertaining for the last 3 years and a lot of that excitement is due to […]

Jul 13, 2016

MIOM and s2j part ways

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It’s always a bittersweet experience to separate. Today, we announce that Johnny “s2j” Kim will be leaving Melee It On Me. The partnerships that we have with players are to ultimately get them signed to a legitimate esports team. As […]

Jul 12, 2016

Melee It On Me Live from Evo 2016

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The Melee It On Me team is doing a pre-show episode live from Evo 2016 this Thursday at 10:30pm PDT, streamed on VGBootCamp. The episode will feature Scar, Tafokints, Juggleguy, and Dr. Z, discussing anything and everything Evo related!

What: Melee […]

Jul 1, 2016

Juggleblog: The Big House 6 Registration Launched

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Registration has now launched for The Big House 6 coming up October 7-9, 2016 in Dearborn, MI!

To promote early registration, we are giving a free TBH6 t-shirt to everyone in the first 24 hours (until midnight EST today, Friday July […]

Jun 30, 2016

Juggleblog: The Big House 6 Venue

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Hey all. I’m excited to announce The Big House 6 will be hosted at the Edward Hotel & Convention Center! Formerly named the Royal Dearborn Hotel, it’s actually the same venue as last year, but this time we have an […]