Colleges can now register for the Collegiate Star League (CSL) in 2018 for both Melee and Smash 4. Fans of The Melee Games in previous years can now celebrate the full support of a larger structure in CSL.


CSL is an awesome experience to bond with fellow Smashers from your school as your train, compete, and root for each other on the big stage. It’s an awesome experience for players of all skill levels. Some of the most exciting experiences of large major tournaments such as Genesis and Shine is watching the collegiate crew battle finals where we get to see new players show off their skill in front of a large audience at the venue.


You can sign up for the event on the CSL website for $25 (per team):


Signups close 24 hours before each individual event. For example, you have until October 7th at 11:00 AM PST to sign up for the NorCal qualifier on October 8th.



Crew battles are no longer single elimination. Each team has a chance at redemption with a double elimination bracket. Additionally, each qualifier event will have 1v1 events exclusive to students. The first stage of qualifiers can be found here: Qualifer Events


Prize Support


The prize support has increased this year. For each game, two teams that qualify from regionals to divisionals will receive $100 per player, and the one team that qualifies from divisionals to nationals will receive $500 per player to travel to Shine 2018. In addition, there are prizes for the National Championships.


Per Game

1st place – $9,000

2nd place – $3,000

3rd place – $2,000

4th place – $1,000


Teams played solely for pride in previous years, but now they can play for thousands of dollars. The total prize pot for each game for nationals is $15,000 for each game!


Extra Info


A full schedule of the qualifiers is listed here: Qualifer Events

List of tournament directors: Tournament Directors

Ruleset: Ruleset

Eligibility Requirements: Eligibility


General questions in regards to the event can be made to or to @TorontoJoe or @juiceDoom on Twitter