Hey all. MattDotZeb here on behalf of the Leadership Panel of the Competition Committee.

As part of the process of the committee, the Leadership Panel receives ruleset amendments from the community or from within the committee and will act as a filter to pass them down to the At-Large Panel of 25 people. This panel debates the amendment and votes on it. This past month the participants of “the 25” have been deliberated upon and decided.

Now that the members have been decided we’ll be putting a deadline on our first round of amendment submissions. We’ll be accepting any amendment submissions up until September 15th.

The amendment submission process is currently open. As a refresher to the amendment process:

Ruleset changes may be proposed by community members during designated proposal phases, to be announced by the Leadership Panel. All proposals must be sent to ssbmrulescc@gmail.com and include:

  • A redline of this document, with all changes clearly outlined [example: if you want the timer to go from 8 minutes to 7, simply cross out 8 and change it to 7 and submit the entire document for review.]
  • A cover letter, explaining the goals and benefits of the proposal.
  • Technical documentation, if applicable. This is a requirement for all hardware and software based proposals.
  • Data from test tournaments (locals, etc.), if applicable, which have used the proposed changes.

After submission, each member of the Leadership Panel will consider the proposal, and whether it is appropriate for review. If so, the amendment will enter the voting process.

Each member of the Leadership Panel may bring two proposals to the committee for review per proposal phase. Once 10 proposals have been fully reviewed, the proposal phase ends, and all future proposals shall be taken into consideration in the next proposal phase. Alternatively, if there are no or few proposals which are considered appropriate for review, the Leadership Panel may unanimously vote to end the proposal phase early, and reconvene at the next proposal phase. Though discussion will be done privately, all votes from the Leadership Panel and the At-Large Panel will be publicly made available whether a proposal is ratified or not.

The selected are:

  • D1 – Competitor, Caster
  • Druggedfox – Competitor
  • Hax – Competitor, 20XX
  • Marc Hagen – Competitor since 2002, Dutch TO
  • Leffen – Competitor
  • Tafokints – C9 Coach, Competitor, Caster, Writer, Analyst
  • Vro – Tempo Storm Player Manager, Competitor, TO
  • Cactuar – Competitor, Splyce Coach
  • GIMR – The gimz
  • KirbyKaze – Competitor
  • Wobbles – Competitor, Caster, Analyst
  • Watch – Japanese TO
  • MacD – Competitor, TO
  • Duck – Competitor
  • HugS – Competitor
  • Hungrybox – Competitor, Dodgeball Victim
  • Amsah – Competitor
  • PracticalTAS – Game Mechanics Specialist
  • Anibal – LatAm TO
  • GTown Tom – TO, Competitor, Tournament Data Aggregator
  • Emilywaves – TO
  • SleepyK – TO, Competitor, Balance Gaming Coach
  • Armada – Competitor
  • Reno – TO, Competitor
  • PPMD – Competitor, Analyst

Please feel free to reach out to any of the members of the Leadership Panel.
Arian “Blur” Fathieh – @Oxy_Crimson
Sheridan “Dr. Z” Zalewski – @Sheridactyls
Robin “Juggleguy” Harn – @Jugglerob
Michael “Nintendude” Brancato – @NintendudeSSB
Matthew “MattDotZeb” Zaborowski – @DotZeb / Shi Deng – @shdeng