Welcome to another week Creative Community Content!  We have dancers, artists, and Chilean freestylers! Without further ado here are this week’s submissions.

SigMa – Freestyle


Creator: Sigma

For fans of Chilean Smashy goodness, Sigma delivers in spades.  With a soundtrack that’s about as groovy as some of the creative combos on display, this video is quality showcasing Smash. Check it out and support Smashers around the world!

[Marth] Neutral Game Tutorial – SSBM


Creators: Dave “Kira” Kim

Another video submission from the hard-working Kira. With topics that cover Martha’s in-your-face down tilt, to his dash dance grab game, and lastly the combo-opening Rising Fair, you can be sure to learn a thing or two from Kira’s experience and solid instruction.

SP 20XX Match Analysis 1: Zhu vs The Moon @ Shots Fired LF1


Creators: Julian “Zhu” Zhu

Mr. Zhu’s first(?) foray into the growing match analysis niche on the Smash Practice channel! With scalpel-like precision, and years of knowledge backing every tiny detail, you can rest assured that the man knows what he’s talking about.  Clocking in at 1 hour and 42 minutes, there is TONS to learn here.



Creator: Jackie Choe

A first submission from a very talent artist! Jackie Choe shares her penchant panache for capturing characters at their scariest and Smashers at their cutest. Check out the commission she completed of Luigi, and also check out her Smasher caricatures on many a Smasher’s social media page! Check her Artist Page.

Curvy Hoopers Video Challenge 2015


Creator: Charlie Morrow

Awesome. A first submission from Charlie Morrow and she’s putting her hooping skills on display! Hooping to a mix submitted by a previous creative individual, Charlie links two unlikely hobbies with Smash and her video challenge. Best of luck on her submission and definitely great to see outside-the-box Smash creativity.

Top 5 Craziest Matches in Super Smash Bros Brawl


Creator: TOJoe

TOJoe submitted two videos this week and instead of going for the safer pick, the Brawl highlight vid came out on top for two reasons.

1) Regardless of your stance on Brawl, sometimes the sheer white-knuckle stress of playing such a defensive game at its highest levels can be very entertaining.

2) We want to embrace the whole spectrum of Smash content and creativity.

Check out the vid!

SSBM Paint Rage Thread Image


Creator: Bryan “Glowworm” Pen

And we end this week with a throwback to a simpler, weirder internet time. When image macros took on the guise of rage comics. While slightly crude, we can actually admire some of the finer details of Fox’s coloring, and Peach’s outlines in the top two panels.  Way to bring back trolling memories!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s submissions! Share your thoughts in the Facebook Group!