Welcome to another week Creative Community Content!  While a little sparse this week, we proudly highlight the work of those that submitted their content.

Cactuar’s Tag – An Origin Story


Creator: SmashPractice Team (Zhu & Cactuar)

A good origin story has a compelling theme and a strong hero at the center of the narrative.  This is not one of those types of origin stories. How Cactuar got his tag resembles the chortle-worthy tales of how every Smasher picks their name.  Every tag origin has heart and lets the audience get a peek at the human behind the name.  This video is great and deserves a few views!

Best of Smash – Top 10 Teams Saves


Creators: Joe Cribari

TOJoe comes at’cha with another Top 10 video.  In this one, the EMG group shares the Top 10 teams saves. Excellent examples of team synergy and potential mind-reading from synchronized souls. Keep your mouse-hand ready because for some of these clips you’ll definitely have to pause and rewind to take in all the teams madness. And if you listen in close enough, you may even hear me (mis-)commentate one of the matches.

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