Welcome to a HILARIOUS week of Creative Community Content!  We have serious submissions (kappa) and not-so serious submissions! All in good fun though! Give it a read!

[Sheik] vs Falcon Matchup Tutorial ft. Laudandus (Advanced) – SSBM

Creators: Kellen, Kira, and Laudandus

Laudandus narrates the best practices a Sheik must understand in order to reign supreme in this 9:1 match-up (in Sheik’s favor) against Captain Falcon (not Sheik). Great editing work and hysterical premise, glad to see the Smash Tutorial guys are collaborating more and more with other big names (watch their recent vid series with Lucky, too!)

Inside the Misfire -by Eddy México-

Creators: Erick Guzman, Eddy Mexico

Eddy Mexico and his friend, Erick, take us behind the scenes of what must be one of the most memorable misfires in Smash Tournament History. Yes, we’re talking about THAT one. The misfire that sealed Eddy’s fantastic victory at one of SoCal’s legendary Super Smash Sunday tournaments. A little tongue-in-cheek, sure, but hey, if you’re playing Luigi… Just sayin’.

20GX Frame Perfect Handshake Critique: Hax vs Mango

Creators: Gravy and Gahtzu

Should my hand be the dominant one or the bottom one? Should I just settle for a bump instead of a firm shake? How do I improve at being a better sportsman? The team behind 20GX answer all of these concerns and more as they methodical take apart one of the most perfect handshakes in recent Smash History. Watch and be amazed at the detail!

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