Welcome to another week of Creative Community Content!  This week may be a bit thinner than others, but no worries, it’s all great stuff! Give it a peek!

The Avalon Impression

Creators: SmashNederLand

A mini-documentary on the events leading into Avalon and beyond. Get a cultured taste of that worldly Melee and enjoy making the comparison between their communities and yours. Everything seems so similar and fantastic but the differences will help you appreciate just how worldly of a game Smash is!

Not So Esports at the Foundry

Creators: MacD

MacD takes behind the scenes to one of the Smash Community’s last standing bastions of old-school, proud non-esports behavior. He introduces us to the NorCal Smash community, and describes just what makes the foundry so special. His vlog style is light-hearted and fun, and definitely a must-watch.

I’m Not Yelling Trailer

Creators: NewMetaEntertainment

This weekend is the tournament many have been waiting for: I’m Not Yelling! Thankfully, the folks at NewMetaEntertainment decided to bring the hype with a trailer that plays up just how exciting this event will be.

Smash Bros Play of the Week – Episode 13

Creators: TOJoe

TOJoe brings the fun and fancy free with Episode 13 of his Play of the Week series. Tune in!

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