Welcome to Creative Community Content!  In these posts we highlight the outstanding and the artistic in all things Smash Bros. Whether it’s a video, a piece of art, a song or writing, we take the time to share what Smashers have cooked up.

Marth UpTilt Shield Drop Rest Punish

Marth Up-Tilt Shield Drop Rest Punish

Creators: Daniel Gomez

20PuffPuff fans, rejoice! Daniel Gomez, the man behind Jigglypuff tutorials, submits a fantastic, borderline scientific examination of an extremely rewarding Jigglypuff set-up. Have a problem against a pesky Marth? Why not put those fears to rest and take some notes from our dear friend Daniel.

Yale Combo Video 2015

Yale Combo Video

Creators: Yale Smash

In honor of the Combo Video bounty currently going on for MIOM, let’s take a look at one of the first submissions. Put together by the ivy league crew at Yale, one can only admire the dedication these fine players have put on display. Excellent combos, and filled with tons of personality, it may be early in the contest but this is a great contender!

Battlefield – Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Jazz sextet)


Creators: The Consouls

Oh what a groovy sound. The Consouls do an amazing rendition of one of the Smash series’ better themes. Smooth and utterly butter-ful, if you have a doubles partner you love teaming up with, why not Smash to the sensual sounds of sexy trumpets and tranquil timbres?

Scar/Toph/HMW Commentary Highlights @ NCR + I’m Not Yelling


Creators: motbob

Motbob returns with one of his hilariously put together commentary highlights from NorCal Regionals AND I’m Not Yelling. Listen to the candid words of Scar, Toph, and HomeMadeWaffles as they add a slice of life to these already hyped events.

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