Welcome to Creative Community Content!  In these posts we highlight the outstanding and the artistic in all things Smash Bros. Whether it’s a video, a piece of art, a song or writing, we take the time to share what Smashers have cooked up.

[Tech Skill] Shield Drop Tutorial – Super Smash Bros. Melee

Creators: Kira, Kellen Ho

You already know! Kira and Kellen come at you with one of their signature brand of tutorial vids and this time they tackle one of the most popular “next level” techs. People think Shield Drops are the near-future / present, so it’s nice to see someone stepping to share their secrets on the manuever.

Beginners Quick Tips: Recognizing & Punishing Tech Rolls In

Creators: Daniel Gomez

What a treat for 20PuffPuff fans! Daniel Gomez returns with a expertly-edited treat for the Puffball Pokemon Fan’s Eyes. He covers some quick beginner tips on improving punishes on recognized tech patterns! Check it out and get better!

JP3 Work Portfolio

JP3 Designs

Creators: JP3

The man behind so many clean and sexy stream overlays gave us the keys to the castle! Check out his portfolio as he shares quite a few of the overlays he has contributed to the Smash Community and more! Fantastic work!

Summer Smash Collection

Dreamland Poster

Creators: Jisu

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and Jisu definitely packs quite a punch with some truly charismatic artwork. This series, one that focuses on a summer full of Smash-goodness, features posters, shirts, and prints galore. Check them out or maybe snag one for yourself!


Dreamland Poster

Creators: Bryan Pen

Bryan submits a haunting design for a shirt. On the front are our favorite Star Fox members, surrounded in a high-constrast swirl of black, paintbrush strokes. Highly creative, and truly one-of-a-kind. While we don’t like support T-Shirt campaigns, we know when we can appreciate fun art.

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