Melee It On Me is excited to share that James “Duck” Ma is now a member of the team! Anyone who has followed the world of Melee recently knows that Duck is one of the fastest-rising players in the scene, and we’re excited at the opportunity to help him reach an even higher level moving forward.

Ranked #22 in the world in 2015, Duck is the premier Samus main in the United States, having defeated extremely tough competition such as Leffen (#3), Westballz (#8), Silent Wolf (#11), SFAT (#13), MacD (#15), DruggedFox (#18), HugS (#20), Javi (#27), Zhu (#29), ChuDat (#35), and placed near the top of several majors this past year:

  • 9th at The Big House 5
  • 5th at DreamHack Winter 2015
  • 13th at Genesis 3
  • 9th at Smash Summit 2
  • 9th at Evo 2016


MIOM | Duck. I never thought I would see the day. This man’s dedication to Melee can be seen in his CALM, CONSISTENT, and INFURIATING playstyle. Slowly but surely, Duck has quacked his way into major top 8s, into the ranks of Melee It On Me, and most importantly, into the hearts of the People. Welcome to the team, Duck.

– Bobby “Scar” Scarnewman

I’m very excited to bring Duck onto the Melee It On Me team. He’s shown great improvement and results recently, and definitely deserves more recognition for his accomplishments. We hope to work together and get him the team that he deserves!

– Daniel “Tafokints” Lee

I’m really happy to be part of Melee It On Me. The team has done a lot for the community and helped a lot of individual players on the way. I’ve been working very hard this past year to better myself as a player, and I believe the Melee It On Me team will be able to help push me to the next level.

– James “Duck” Ma


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