General: July 15th-17th

There will be no Civil War this year! The Evo team has announced that both Smash for Wii U and Melee will be in the featured game lineup. This will mark the 4th consecutive year for Melee and the 2nd consecutive year for Smash for Wii U. The Evo brand has helped the growth of Smash considerably and it’s a delight for both games to be in the line up again. Hotels will be officially announced and instructions on how to have a good time at the tournament will be made on this MIOM.

Previous Years

We have seen tremendous growth over the past few years of Smash at Evo. As it currently stands, Evo 2015 holds the record for Singles Attendees for both games. Will it be topped again this year?

Year Melee Attendance Melee Champion WiiU Attendance WiiU Champion
2013  709 Mango
2014  970 Mango
2015 1869 Armada 1926 ZeRo

Table 1: History of Smash at Evo

Live Updates:

7:08 PM – Melee is Announced!

7:14 PM – Smash Wii U is announced

7:17 PM – Guilty Gear is in the line up

7:20 PM – Mortal Kombat X

7:24 PM – POKKEN wtf?????

7:27 PM – Killer Instinct

7:29 PM – 8th game, Marvel is in!

7:37 PM – Markman fights for Tekken 7 in the lineup

7:42 PM – Convention Center! Westgate Hotel!

7:43 PM – Mandalay Bay Sports Center for Top 8 on Sunday