As stated in our previous article,( ASTRA is the first South American major where the Latin countries will join together. Astra’s latin meaning is “of the stars”, where stars represent the players who want to shine and find new opportunities to travel, improve, and become a major force in tournaments.

Every member of Smash Latam (Latin America) is working hard to bring their best players to the event, fundraising in order to support the tournament. It is a dream for them to develop their countries’ communities and get the recognition they deserve.

However, action plans for each country aren’t going as planned; The economic situation has prevented them from traveling to other countries, and local support when it comes to smash is close to 0.  Even with strong effort, some of the top players and organizers will need a miracle to come to the event.

We want to ask you and the world to join us on this campaign to level up Latin America to new peaks and give it wings to stand on. We’ve created a compendium at for those interested in order to reach the following goals:


GENERAL GOAL: Latam countries support (TOTAL: $4.000 USD):

First thing that comes to our mind is to help countries within the continent reach their goal to bring their representative players to the event. We’ll divide the funds as agreed by the members of the Smash Latam backroom.

Country #1) VENEZUELA ($500 USD):

Venezuela regular hosts “Road to Astra” events to fundraise. However, they need the funds the most since their country’s situation makes it extremely hard for even one player to travel.

Country #2):  CHILE (500 USD):

Chile has birthed several strong players such as ZeRo and also Dark and Weon-X. Smash skill seems to run through the veins of Chilean players. They’re coming to show they’re the best at the game. Will they take the Crown?

Country #3)  BRAZIL (300 USD):

Brazil has been Chile’s rival for a while now. Will Aisengobay prove his country’s dominance over Chile, or will it be the other way around? Help them settle this at ASTRA 2016!

Country #4) PERÚ (400 USD):

One of the most famous countries for keeping alive the Smash. 64 scene! Alancitu is famous for his 64 skills and now he’s also a dominant force in melee. We’ll see how he and his friends fair against the rest of South America.

Country #5)  MEXICO (450 USD):

Mexico speaks for itself: great players and tournaments that have been putting the scene of the map are known to everyone within the community. Are the Latin hidden bosses good enough to beat a Mexican top player?

Country #6) COSTA RICA (200 USD):

Infinity Duff is considered by many as the best player on the continent. Although very confident, he needs to watch out for the other top players such as n0ne. Can he back up his words?

Country #7)  NICARAGUA (600 USD):

EMG n0ne has proven himself as a top 25 Melee player, and he’s excited to see how his newly gained skills fare against the native talent.  Many players will be gunning for him.

Country #8) CANADA (1.000 USD):

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We’d like everyone that donates to send a  2 seconds video holding a paper with the #TogetherwithAstra hashtag written on it, so we can make a compilation and display it at the end of the event.  We’d also love if pro players send us pictures holding the #TwA paper so we can promote the event on social media and rise awareness of the latin american movement.


Your support will be really appreciated.  This movement is vital to the growth of a full scene, which means more players, newer rivals at big majors, and a step forward to letting other countries know about smash and how much we love the game. It’s important to understand that the South and Central American countries are about 10 years behind the other continents in support, recognition and opportunities when it comes to Smash.

This is why we need you.
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Andrés Melo