Finding a good Gamecube Controller can be quite difficult. These controllers can’t be found regularly at retail stores and even at gaming specialty stores such as Gamestop.

Here are some common questions in regards to Gamecube controllers.

1. Where can I buy a Nintendo Controller?

For new White Nintendo-Branded controllers, you can buy them at various online vendors.
White Controller
Amazon $29.99 + Shipping (Pricing can change)
Play-Asia $34.99 + Shipping

For older-generation controllers…

platinum controller
A. You can look around, but they tend to be really expensive if they are brand new
Platinum Controller $94! (At time of writing)

B. Check on eBay for used older-generation controllers. Beware of fake-branded controllers. Also, be aware that these controllers are used, so the condition may vary

fakecontroller1 fakecontroller2 fakecontroller3
Fake Controllers

C. Check local flea markets, game stores, or friends/family.

– Before you buy from these vendors, make sure to test out the condition of the controller.
– When buying used, check to see that the analog stick is working. This means that your character/cursor shouldn’t be moving when the stick is in neutral. Also, check the sensitivity of the analog stick. For the L and R triggers, make sure they don’t get stuck during gameplay. One common defect you can check for is whether the controller light shields. To check for this, enter a game and click the triggers and then release them. If your character begins to lightshield even when the triggers aren’t pressed, then you have a problem. Also, check and feel out the other buttons to make sure you’re comfortable with the stiffness of each of the buttons.
– Your friends who have owned a Gamecube and don’t play SSBM or Mario Kart: Double Dash may have some nice controllers and even give them to you for free.

2. What are the key differences between the newer white controllers and the older gray/black/etc..

The newer white controllers have longer cords (for better or worse) and the initial button stiffness levels are different from older models. Many people prefer the older controller models.

3. Is it necessary to get a first party controller?
For other gaming systems and fighting games, third-party branded controllers are quite nice. Unfortunately, there aren’t really good options aside from the Nintendo branded controllers. Other controllers tend to feel very different with the analog stick and the buttons tend to have different sensitivities. Furthermore, third-party tend to break down faster and can damage your hands when certain parts are broken.