The Melee It On Me team is doing a pre-show episode live from Evo 2016 this Thursday at 10:30pm PDT, streamed on VGBootCamp. The episode will feature Scar, Tafokints, Juggleguy, and Dr. Z, discussing anything and everything Evo related!

What: Melee It On Me Live from Evo 2016
When: 10:30pm PDT / 1:30am EDT on Thursday night, July 14th
Who: Scar, Tafokints, Juggleguy, Dr. Z


We’re also partnering with the Downtown Grand Las Vegas hotel for the weekend! In addition to offering us a location for our pre-show, the Downtown Grand is hosting an eSports pool party on Saturday July 16th, for those of you attending Evo looking for something to do Saturday. Free registration to the pool party and more details are available here.


Tune in and spread the word!