Hi everyone! The season of giving has arrived and we here at MIOM have some recommendations for great deals and gifts!  This year we’ve put together a few different categories depending on if you’re just getting started, breaking into content production, or just planning on attending a lot of events soon!

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We’ve teamed up with one of the Smash community’s most amazing artists to bring attention to the amazing sales they have going on, including the shirts and posters of the artwork featuring everyone’s favorite characters!  They also have a huge giveaway going on, more information about that here!


Standard Equipment

Controllers – Everyone needs at least one, and maybe a backup! These Smash WiiU edition ones are the best deal right now, and feature the extra long cord!


Consoles – Whether you want to play on the Gamecube or the Wii, the fact of the matter is that you need one or the other! Many of the cheaper deals here don’t include cables, so I linked those too!



Melee – A little pricey, but it’s the only way to get your hands on a physical copy these days without some extreme luck.

SD Cards – Looking to get some real good 20XX-style training in? An SD Card for your Wii and a quick tutorial will help you do just that!

Memory Cards – With 20XXTE coming out soon, you’ll want one of these to store that save file on! The larger ones will be able to save a LOT of replay data!

GOCOMCOM® 128MB White Memory Card compatible for Wii & Gamecube
Content Producer

Webcams – The Logitech C920 below is very literally the only Webcam most people will need. It’s one of the most popular choices among streamers and it’s always at a great sale price this time of year!

Capture Cards – The ElGato and Avermedia are the most popular solutions for capturing footage from a Gamecube/Wii/WiiU and getting it out over Twitch, Youtube, and more!

Microphones – Let your voice be heard! Blue Yeti has some of the best deals on their quality hardware going on!

Headset – Don’t feel like getting one of those stand mics? Grab a nice gaming headset instead!


Netplay Warrior

GameCube to USB Adapter – Unless you’re about to learn how to play Melee on a keyboard, one of these are probably the best purchase you could make for Netplay.



Monitor – If you have a computer capable of running Netplay, you want to make sure your monitor isn’t creating additional display lag right? Here’s EVO2015’s official monitor, at 33% off!


Tournament Player

Hand Warmers – It gets cold this time of year! Don’t let cold hand johns cost you the set!

Portable Phone Charger – Don’t search the venue for an open plug! Have a battery ready to charge your stuff right in your pocket!

Nintendo Fan

Amiibos – Maybe you don’t want to collect them all, but it’s always fun to have a small statue of your favorite character!

WiiU – Nintendo’s current home console! There are a handful of solid gold titles on this machine, and even more coming down the line in the near future!



Just another reminder that none of the companies were involved with the choosing of their products, we just tried to find the best deals for products that we felt our fellow Smashers might want to purchase during this holiday season anyways!


If you have any suggestions of things to add or new amazing deals that pop up, please tweet to @MeleeItOnMe or @DarkDragoonSSB and we’ll share a link with a shout out!

Happy shopping!