MeleeItOnMe is happy to add Nick “DarkDragoon” Konstantino to the team!


I’ve known DarkDragoon for years and he’s a great person, someone who really is one of those guys that can do it all.  Multi-talented, and I’m glad he’s joining the Melee It On Me team. – Wynton “prog” Smith

MIOM is thrilled to add DarkDragoon to our team. Nick volunteered to produce the podcast when we were out of options and asked for nothing in return. That’s what Melee It On Me and the whole Smash scene is about. Helping each other out for the love of Smash and its community.  WELCOME TO THE FAMILY! – Bobby “Scar” Scarnewman


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Since becoming a community member in 2007, DarkDragoon has always been behind the scenes adapting to any support role that is necessary, including but not limited to: TOing, transport, housing, logistics, graphics, moderating, and now most recently with the consistent production of MIOM’s biweekly podcast. He has plans to improve the quality of the stream, actually get the podcast portion of MIOM going, and continuing to provide assistance with other projects along the way!

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