Hello friends! I’m Nick (aka DarkDragoon), and one of my jobs as the new MIOM member is to manage the podcast!

Now, since it’s been a few years since the MIOM show got going, and the podcast just recently got uploaded in these past 2 weeks, I’m not sure how many within our community even know how to use podcasts. I figured I’d show you around in case you’re interested in taking MIOM on the go!

When it comes to PodCasts, we’re set up with 2 easy options, depending on your preferred platform:

1) For iOS/iTunes users, we’re very easily located right on the iTunes store under the Podcasts! I’m pretty sure we’re showing up when you search for “Melee It On Me” as well.  You can also just click this link HERE and take a look!



2) For iOS/Android/Non-iTunes users, you can find us on the specialized Podcast platform “Stitcher”!  They have an app you can use for both iOS and Android, as well as their own site through which you can listen!  You can check out our channel on their site HERE!


If you do access the Podcast through either of these above two means, please do us a solid and rate us, favorite us, share us!  We want to reach as many people as possible, and this is just the newest way of being able to reach new people!


Perhaps people don’t want to use either of those services!  If you’re one of those people, you can check out the posts I make in the “Podcast” Category, although starting with Season 6 the posts should start appearing on the main page as well!  Each of the posts I make have a media player at the top, a copy of our episode’s agenda, and a link at the bottom you can use to download the MP3 file to any other device of your choosing!  I’ve made sure that the MP3 files have a pretty good setup for sorting within media players.


Hope that covers everything! If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations about things I can do to improve the quality of things in the future I’ll do what I can!