Currently $25/hr (for now), $20 for subs (Paypal highly preferred)

I currently want to teach beginner-intermediate –> advanced players

What I promise:

-Match Analysis of Recorded/ Streamed Matches
-Written advice on mistakes with timestamps and how to fix them
-What to look for/expect in certain matchups
-Analyzing key weaknesses on your opponents and how to beat them
-Stage strategies (counter-picks/strikes/ overall gameplay)
-General improvement of game-play (2016 Techs that you may not be utilizing)
-Any other question you have as long as they don’t suck ass

If you decide to accept, after payment send me the matches and I’ll go over them myself
before I go over them with you. I am NOT charging for when I go over them myself.

C. Falcon preferred, but I can probably do almost every viable character except puff

-I may use netplay as a tool to help explain certain situations better, preferably
after I outlined them in match review

Thus, the quality of your lessons are contingent on having matches to review in which
they are not one-sided beatdowns. I prefer youtube but twitch vods are acceptable.

If you do not have any vods, we could netplay, but I can’t guarantee the quality of
the lessons in which I will give.

I’m currently unemployed, so I have a LOT of free time right now.

Whoever messages me first when I am doing nothing I will help out. I’m aiming for
2-3 lessons a day. I’ll most likely be on the following:

Skype: johnny.kim8
Steam: type !steam on

A big thank you if you choose to get tutored/coached by me.

** if you live in Southern California, we could maybe work things out to play in person,
but it will probably cost more due to gas money, etc**