We at MIOM are very excited to announce that Johnny “s2j” Kim is now a part of the Melee It On Me Family! If you’re an avid fan of Socal streams, you have probably seen s2j’s Captain Falcon take on top level talent on a bi-weekly basis. Over the past year, s2j has been rising through the ranks with solid performances at Majors and several victories at local events such as Super Smash Sunday’s and Mayhem’s. Some of his recent accomplishments include:

  • 2nd at Smash The Record 2015
  • 9th at The Big House 5
  • 17th at Evo 2015
  • 13th at CEO 2015
  • Voted 18th Overall on the Summer 2015 SSBMRank

Sup wit it! I’m THRILLED to announce that the greatest Falcon player of all time is going to rep MIOM. This sponsorship is our most deliberate attempt at identifying an undervalued player and giving them the resources that they need to find a permanent sponsorship. I hope MIOM can help s2j find a living playing Melee for years to come, and can’t wait to see MIOM|s2j on stream in the meantime!

– Bobby “Scar” Scarnewman


“I’m proud to join MIOM, a team of sick friends and homies. Through joining MIOM, I plan not only to continue improving as a player, but also to produce high quality content as well.”

– Johnny “s2j” Kim


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