For the second year in a row, SmashTheRecord will be raising money for charity!

General Logistics

Event Fundraising Goal: $50,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!!
When: October 23-25, 2015
Where: International Palms Resort & Conference Center Orlando
(About 10,000 square feet)


Venue Fee: $30, Online Registration Only
Hotel Sleeping Rooms: $79/night
International Palms Resort & Conference Center Orlando
For additional information (schedule, stretch goals, and key attendees) go here:
Follow the event on Twitter  (@SmashForCharity)

Players Confirmed to Attend:

  • Melee: Lucky, Westballz, S2J, SFAT, MacD, Zhu, Cactuar, Plup, Wizzrobe, Colbol, Gahtzu, Gravy
  • Smash 4: ZeRo, Nairo, NAKAT
  • Speedrunners: Cosmo, Siglemic, witwix, trihex, iateyourpie, Mofat, Fuzzyness, FierceKyo, ChaosLink, Ryan Lockwood, Moltov, Dr4gonblitz, Fizzi, Psychoripper, Smoof

Streamed by VGBootCamp and Versus Gaming Center

Casted by D1, TheCrimsonBlur, TKbreezy, PB&J, EE, GimR, and more!!


  • Dance parties – Every $10,000 raised
  • Regional Smash 4 Crew Battles! -To decide which region of Florida is truly the best!
  • Pro Players vs. The Baddies – Give a Pro Player 16 stocks to fight against 20+ ‘baddies’ at normal stock count! See if the baddies can defeat the bosses!
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament It is back!!
  • And many more!!
Be sure to follow the organizers of the event!
RagingCherry (@RagingCherry)
Gaming Knights (@GK_at_UCF)
Versus Gaming Center (@VSGamingCenter)