For the second straight year, MeleeItOnMe is ranking every SSBM Player and counting them down on Twitter (#SSBMRank2014 @Meleeitonme), from No. 100 to No. 1 .

We asked a panel of ~30 players/commentators/figureheads from all across the world to rate the overall level of play for each player in 2014 (From January 2014 –> The Big House 4). This includes evaluating perceived skill in tandem with the tournament results.

Don’t worry ranks 3 will also release today, but we will be giving each player in the top 10 their own dedicated page with highlight clips.


M2K1 M2K2 M2K3


Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman | @CT_Mew2King
4 (3)
Main(s) Marth/Sheik/Fox Region: Tri-State 9.717
Tourney Results
Apex 2014 MLG Anaheim CEO 2014 Evo 2014 The Big House 4
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 2nd
Mew2King has been a model of consistency since first ascending through the Melee scene around 2006. While most top players from that era have seen their star burn out, M2K has maintained his spot among the elite. Despite some unprecedented upsets in the past months against players such as aMSa, Fiction, Nintendude and Silent Wolf, M2K’s large number of top placings can not be ignored, as he earned top-4 placings at Apex 2014, ROM7, SKTAR3, GOML, Super SWEET, MLG Anaheim, CEO 2014, KoC4 and TBH4, among others. In game, Mew2King features one of the best, if not the best, punish games in the business, serving up devastating combos and lethal edgeguards to even the toughest of opponents with his Sheik/Marth duo, although he has shown mastery of other characters as well, including Fox, Peach and Capt. Falcon.
Other Notable Results
1st Pat’s House 2
1st Shuffle V
1st Zenith 2014
1st Low Tier City 2
1st KTAR 9
2nd SKTAR 3
2nd Super SWEET
2nd Fight Pitt IV
2nd Revival of Melee 7
3rd Get On My Level 2014
3rd Kings of Cali 4


2014 W-L vs Big 6
Armada Hungrybox Leffen Mango PPMD Overall Win %
Mew2King 1-6 6-5 4-0 5-10 1-5 17-26 39.5%

*(Does not include Smash The Record)



Mew2King trunches Leffen to advance to Grand Finals at The Big House 4

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