For the second straight year, MeleeItOnMe is ranking every SSBM Player and counting them down on Twitter (#SSBMRank2014 @Meleeitonme), from No. 100 to No. 1 .

We asked a panel of ~30 players/commentators/figureheads from all across the world to rate the overall level of play for each player in 2014 (From January 2014 –> The Big House 4). This includes evaluating perceived skill in tandem with the tournament results.

Don’t worry ranks 5,4,3 will also release today, but we will be giving each player in the top 10 their own dedicated page with highlight clips.


Leffen1 Leffen2 Leffen3


William “Leffen” Hjelte | @l3ff3n
6 Up_Arrow(14)
Main(s) Fox Region: Sweden 9.422
Tourney Results
Apex 2014 MLG Anaheim CEO 2014 Evo 2014 The Big House 4
4th 5th 9th 3rd
Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Leffen had a fast meteoric rise to become one of the best players in Europe, and, eventually, the world. Being one of the top Fox mains, Leffen has proven to be a god slayer, taking multiple sets from Armada and Hungrybox, and a set from PPMD this year, sparking debate on whether Leffen is now a god himself. Whether you believe he’s a god or just a titan, there is no denying that Leffen’s incredible fundamentals, amazing tech skill, ridiculous smarts, and terrifying mental game make him one of the fiercest players out there. His 4th at Apex 2014, 5th at MLG Anaheim, and 3rd at The Big House 4 prove just that.
Other Notable Results
1st B.E.A.S.T. 4
1st Republic of Fighters 3
1st hf.lan 8
2nd Beauty 9
2nd DrommeLAN 4.0
2nd Beauty 8


2014 W-L vs Big 6
Armada Hungrybox Mango Mew2King PPMD Overall Win %
Leffen 5-10 2-0 0-2 0-4 1-1 8-17 32.0%

*(Does not include Smash The Record)



Leffen shows some dominating play against PPMD in MLG Pools

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