For the second straight year, MeleeItOnMe is ranking every SSBM Player and counting them down on Twitter (#SSBMRank2014 @Meleeitonme), from No. 100 to No. 1 .

We asked a panel of ~30 players/commentators/figureheads from all across the world to rate the overall level of play for each player in 2014 (From January 2014 –> The Big House 4). This includes evaluating perceived skill in tandem with the tournament results.


Axe1 Axe2 Axe3


Mortality | Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson | @Mortality_Axe
7 Up_Arrow(11)
Main(s) Pikachu Region: Arizona 9.128
Tourney Results
Apex 2014 MLG Anaheim CEO 2014 Evo 2014 The Big House 4
9th 5th 5th 9th
This Arizona native has been pushing the limit of what his characters can do, being far and away the best Pikachu in the world. Axe’s incredible tech skill, smarts, and matchup knowledge has led to him to become a killer in bracket. Axe came into his own during the summer of Smash, rocking Top 8 of both EVO and MLG to their very core, becoming a crowd favorite in the process. Taking sets off of Hax, Hungrybox, and Mew2King, and pushing Armada and PPMD to the edge, Axe has proven to be one of the very best, like no one ever was. This titan slayer and fan favorite is someone to continue looking out for.
Other Notable Placings Notable Wins
1st Southwest Justice 2
4th Socal Regionals
4th Super SWEET
4th Zenith 2014
5th Tipped Off 10
7th Pat’s House 2
Silent Wolf


Axe shows great punishments and edgeguards to defeat Silent Wolf in Evo 2014 Top 8

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