Welcome to another summer of SSBMRank. Players, commentators, and figureheads were surveyed for who they thought were the best players of the first half of 2015. We finally delve into the Top 5.

3. Mango – (618 pts)




Name: Joseph Marquez
Team: Cloud 9
Main(s): Fox/Falco
Area: Socal
2014 SSBMRank 1
Social Media
twitch mang0 twitter  @C9Mang0


After a very successful 2014, Mango hasn’t seen the same level of results this year, losing all of the 3 Super Majors to his rivals. Even though he didn’t pull off a spectacular summer performance, he still had monstrous runs at other tournaments such as Press Start where he defeated a slew of top 10 level players. He’s shown that he’s more than capable of defeating anyone, including Armada, and he’ll have several of opportunities in the Fall to prove to people that they “shalt not sleep on the kid.”

Tournament Results

Super Major Tournament Results
Apex2015 ceo2015 evo2015
4th 3rd 5th


Major Tournament Results
BEAST5 Sandstorm
3rd n/a 2nd 5th
1st 1st n/a 2nd


2015 Set Data vs Big 6

Armada Hungrybox Leffen Mew2King PPMD Total
Mango 2-6 2-1 4-3 1-0 0-0 9-10 (47%)


Mango’s Win Percentage by Stage Against Big 6 (2015)

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