Have you ever seen Westballz or Squid show off their tech skill and wondered how they did it?  Have you ever wonder if 20XX was more than just a meme?  Or maybe you thought multi-shines were impractical and unattainable?  Then you’ve come to the BEST place possible: Squid’s Multi-Shine Tutorial!

If you somehow don’t know who Squid is, he is ranked Top 20 in Southern California, and he does stuff like this:


And he does it ALL THE TIME.  Click on the video below to uncover the ONE secret that non-space animal mains DON’T want you to know!  But seriously, it’s an awesome tutorial and you will learn a lot.



About the Creators:

KIRA is a top-level Sheik main from Southern California. In the past year he has won tournament sets against players such as Colbol, Westballz, Bladewise, MacD, HugS, ConnortheKid, and HomeMadeWaffles, among many others. He also co-hosts UCI Smash tournaments.

KELLEN HO is the president of the UCI Smash Club and has single-handedly brought the UCI Smash scene from absolutely nothing to a thriving club with biweekly tournaments and 500 members.  He is also a Pokemon master who has caught them all.

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