After a successful start to the European Smash Circuit at HF LAN in May,  Heir II the Throne takes place this August 14-16 in Nottingham, UK. Having not hosted a European scale event in 5 years, Team Heir has stepped up for the UK, with over 250 players confirmed at Heir2, making it the second largest European tournament ever.

The team behind Heir 2 consists of several TO’s with a wealth of experience hosting local events. Kone, a highly respected European tournament organizer, heads the team and was the man behind the UK’s Revival of Melee style event, Smash Needs You (SNY).



The Heir2 venue is in the heart of the Nottingham University campus, offering onsite accommodation amongst beautiful surroundings. The action itself takes place in Cripps Hall, a grand dining hall which gives off a Hogwarts like vibe. With the church-like stylings of the hall, it will undoubtedly produce an incredible atmosphere during the finals on Sunday, especially with a bar located downstairs.

If you can’t experience Heir in person, leading European stream team, GeekyGoonSquad will be streaming the whole weekend, including finals for both games as well as the Crew tournament and exhibition sets. Top European commentators, MikeHaggar, MISTRRLOVE and Fauster will keep you entertained over the weekend.

A full Event and Streaming scheduled will be released after registration has close

Battle for European Dominance

Along with the standard Melee Tournaments, the UK has one of the most active Project M scenes in the world, and this will be the largest PM tournament in Europe to date. Professor Pro has cemented his place as one of the best with dominant displays across the world and will be looking to take home the W on his home turf.

A full 5 vs 5 Double Elimination Crew tournament will also take place over the weekend. Sweden remain hot favourites with [A]rmada in their ranks, but with the notoriously loud UK crowd, an upset could be in the cards.

A truly International Tournament

With competitors travelling from 13 different countries, including the United States (Eikelmann), the competition will be fierce with each nation’s pride on the line.

All of the UK’s best players will be in attendance, including the long standing top 3, Professor Pro, Fuzzyness and Vanity Angel, all of whom have achieved Top 8 finishes in European Majors this year. It’s also a chance for the UK’s hidden bosses such as Heir|Jin, Unreal and Scotland’s ShiftingShadows to test themselves against Europe’s elite.

Sweden is travelling in strong numbers, including the newly crowned EVO 2015 champion, [A]rmada and his brother, Android. Armada will be hot favourite to take the crown in Singles and Doubles, with the Lingdren brothers being one of the best teams in the world.

France is also bringing their best, with 4 of the Top 5 players attending, Saleplate, Mahie and Zhu-killers, Tekk and Baxon. Following their strong placing’s on home soil at HF-LAN, the French will be looking to solidify their place as one of the top countries in Europe.

German powerhouses, Heir|Reaper and Daumling, will be in attendance, and with Ice absent, will need to step up in order to maintain their strong reputation in the crew tournament.

Other top Europeans in attendance include Denmark’s finest, Eagle and stelzig, Norwegians FlikkFlakk, Kriz and Zorc, and Northern Ireland hidden boss, Mint.

Last but not least, Spain could end up with one of the strongest crews, with Overtriforce, Trifasa and K-12, Spain’s top 3 players, currently on the verge of a successful donation drive over at  (with a stretch goal to fly Lucky out to the event). Having competed outside of Europe rarely in recent years, the Spanish are looking to take Heir by storm, and with Over holding set wins over players such as Ice, Android and Tekk, it would be no surprise to see multiple Spaniards in the Top 8.

They have also prepared some interview of their Top players: Overtriforce, Trifasia and K-12. Which you’ll can see during this week, stay tuned!




Date: August 14-16, 2015

Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Stream: GeekyGoonSquad
Liquipeida: Heir II the Throne
Website: Team Heir