This is When’s Melee, your weekly preview of weekend Melee tournaments. If you know of any other streamed tournaments that we have missed (excluding weeklies), please give us the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments. Have fun watching the same tournament twice, suckers!

Region: N.Y. (EDT)

Stream: AONStreams and GenGame
Featuring: Crush, La Luna, Rishi, AbsentPage, Slox, iBDW, Kaeon, Darktooth, 2saint, mayb, Ryobeat, TheSWOOPER, 42nd, lint, nerd, Jflex, Codi, Animal, BIGKID, Bolt, Rasen, Sweetheart, Warmmer.
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The Scarlet Classic IV
Region: N.J. (EDT)

Stream: HitboxArena
Featuring: Crush, Swedish Delight, Rishi, Slox, AbsentPage, mayb, TheSWOOPER, Qerb, Bab, Young, FMB5K, Clutch, Tempo, Turtle, grrg, BIGKID, and probably more ranked Tri-State players.
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Saturday, April 14

(Sweden, GMT+2)

Stream: LFFN
Featuring: Leffen, Daydee, FA0, Jadde, Humpe, Manio, Pipsqueak, Ashtrei.


The Deep 5: Marianas Trunch 
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: SantaCruzMelee
Featuring: Spark, Rocky, homemadewaffles, Cactuar, NMW, Azel, Rymo, Tang, Mar, Lego. Then also PewPewU, Shroomed, Alan, and KL3SHIKUH only in doubles?
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GHQ Regionals 
(Ill, CDT)
Stream: GamersHQTV
Featuring: Wizzrobe, Kels (if his Facebook “going” click is to be believed), Michael, JustJoe, Scythe, mattmog, Larfen.
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Boss Rush: Captain Jack
 (Ariz, MST)

Stream: SAKGamingTV
Featuring: Axe, CaptainJack, and probably a lot of the AZ PR.

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DIME 25 
(Texas, CDT)

Stream: TourneyLocator
Featuring: Uncle mojo, Bananas, Snowy, Lunchables, SDJ, Bunk.

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Unity 20: Vote Zain for Summit 
(Md, EDT)

Stream: UMDSmash probably
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Nebraska Getup Attack 
(Neb, CDT)

Stream: PlasmiusTheWolf
Featuring: dansdaman, Doubleshine, Reesch, Guerrilla, Slowking.

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Michigan Masters 2018 
(Mich, EDT)
Stream: AllOutMelee
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Rocky IV 
(Penn, EDT)
Stream: Bros_Calamity
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Sunday, April 15

Motor City Smackdown 
(Mich, EDT)

Stream: AllOutMelee
Featuring: KJH, Ginger, Heartstrings, JCubez, Jagerbombsoldier, i4n, Nexic, Jugglyguy, Russell, Crip, IDCrisis.

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(Penn, EDT)
Stream: MillersvilleSmash
Featuring: lloD, SluG, Bones, SypherPhoenix, Habilecho, Battery.
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The 2nd Georgia Arcadian 
(Ga, EDT)
Stream: RecursionGG
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Sam “recovering so well you should call me ycz” Greene can be found on Twitter @SSBMDingus.