This is When’s Melee, your weekly preview of weekend Melee tournaments. If you know of any other streamed tournaments that we have missed (excluding weeklies), please give us the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments. Be careful out there.

Flat Iron 3
Region: Col. (MDT)

Stream: SDMeleeTV, SakGamingTV, CUBoulderSmash, and EndGameTV1. It’s a weird schedule.
Featuring: Leffen, Axe, SFAT, S2J, Crush, Zain, Westballz, Swedish Delight, Lucky, PewPewU, HugS, lloD, Syrox, KJH, Captain Smuckers, Rishi, Bladewise, Slox, ARMY, Rocky, Captain Faceroll, Medz, Spark, Kalamazhu, Tai, homemadewaffles, Bobby Frizz, Iceman, NMW, R2DLiu, Rustin, Zoso, Alex19, and a lot more mountainous players.
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Region: Ohio (EDT)

Stream: MeleeEveryday and MediaChameleon
Featuring: Plup, Ryan Ford, Ginger, Colbol, Abate, Squid, Drephen, Cal, Rik, KPAN, Moky, Reeve, Fizzle_Boy, TheRealThing, Harriet, Boyd, Sirmeris, Papa, Fluid, Polish, Zamu, Spy, Holiday, and more Clevelanders.
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Saturday, April 21

Fights of Spring 
(Tenn, EDT)

Stream: VandySmash and TriCitiesBG
Featuring: La Luna, Iori, Cob, DairDeviL, Davemon, Mewwy, Thexy, Den, Xtreme, Wolven, and Gucci Mane like for real.

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(Mass, EDT)
Stream: BigBlueGG
Featuring: Kalvar, th0rn, Joyboy, dudutsai, Klaps, BigFoig, Yasu, bonfire10, Younger, Mr. Lemon, Rasen, Ses, Project, BonkCushy, ThunderPaste, Bank, Spiff, Red Rice and probably more good New Englanders.
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GatorLAN Spring 2018 
(Fla, E
Stream: 119J
Featuring: Chef Rach, Eikelmann, Sinbad, Tempo, It’s a Wonderful World, Noghrilla, JRad.

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WeTecThose 7 
(N.L, CDT)

Stream: lykon735
Featuring: Aza, Valdo, .jpg, Rael, Maxinho.

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Where’s Dylan? 3 
(N.J, EDT)

Stream: Rood2790

SMSH 301 
(Alta, MDT)

Stream: SSBUniversity
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Sunday, April 22

(Japan, GMT+9 or late night Saturday for Americans)

Stream: WatchSSBM
Featuring: Shippu, Sanne, Sheik, S-Royal, Da-Yoshi, Shuta, bitou, Tanzanyte the Awakener, Plata, Watch.

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Quartered 007: GOLDFINGER 
(UK, GMT+1)

Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Professor Pro, Deathgazer. 


Down to Fair 3
 (Ont, EDT)

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Kings of Hali 3 
(N.S, ADT)
Stream: FuelStreaming
Featuring: Maknae, Hippo, PC Jeff, W3EM, more of ranked Nova Scotia, and part of this tourney is on Saturday but I can’t see a schedule.

The Bird’s Nest
(Ill, CDT)

Stream: ISU_Smash
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Sam “Dots Haver” Greene can be found on Twitter @SSBMDingus.