When’s Melee? April 21-23

This is When’s Melee, your weekly source for Melee tournament stream information. If you have info on any other events and their streams, please reach out on Twitter (linked below) or here in the comments.

Flatiron 2
Region: Colorado (MDT)
Stream: EndGameTV1
Featuring: Swedish Delight, Lucky, MikeHaze, HugS, Crush, Chillindude, Syrox, Gahtzu, Bladewise, Medz, Alex19, R2DLiu, FatGoku, Rustin, J666, lovage, Hax, Iifter, Vindoh, DavidCue, Logos, Eikelmann, WizP, FendrickLamar, SpecialK, Prog on the mic, and tons of ranked players from out there in the dreaded mountain time zone.
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The Come up 2017
Region: Ontario — Toronto (EDT)
Stream: EvenMatchupGaming
Featuring: n0ne, Ryan Ford, DJ Nintendo, Kage, IB, G$, Fork, Coffeeblack, Moky, Damian Tyson, Legend, Tranimal, Jamrun, and more.
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Friday, April 21

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Midwest: Ill., CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
» Challonge 

Man on a Ledge 153
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

Kent Combo 49
 (Midwest: Ohio, EDT)
Stream: Frekydelic
» smash.gg | Organizer Facebook

Casual Encounters 43
 (Texas, CDT)
Stream: VideoGains
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Friday Night Turnip #48 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
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SDSU Biweekly 60 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: SDMeleeTV
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Melee at the MADE #33
 (NorCal, PDT)
Stream: TheMADEOakland
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Saturday, April 22

Ghost Pepper Smash
(Upstate N.Y., EDT)
Stream: PastimeLegends
Featuring: Professor Pro, KirbyKaze, Squid, iBDW, 2Saint, dudutsai, and tons of ranked Upstate players.
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Inheritance (Belgium, GMT+2)
Stream: HypestStream (probably?)
Featuring: ChuDat, Zgetto, AdamDutchie, Mahie, beLia, $tijn, en meer.
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Sea Crest Smash (New England: Mass., EDT)
Stream: BigBlueES
Featuring: Nintendude, MacD, Captain Smuckers, bonfire10, BonkCushy, Loadspiller, Hayato, and the amazing Gtown_Tom.
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(Midwest: Ind., EDT)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
Featuring: Reeve, Rik, Lanceinthepants, ORLY, Michael, Cob, Trix, and a Hamilton themed banner image.
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Wunderland 5 
(Midwest: Mo., CDT)
Stream: wustlsmash
Featuring: Shinobi, Bobby Frizz, Iori, 2KrunkVillain, Home  and more ranked Mo. players.
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LUST 21 
(South: La., CDT)
Stream: LSUSmash
» Challonge | Facebook

Grand Capital Smash 1 (Ontario, EDT)
Stream: StreamlandSSB
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Donut Dub 4 (South: S.C., EDT)
Stream: SwmpHouse
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Michigan Arcadian 6
(Midwest: Mich., EDT)
Stream: AllOutMelee
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Event Match 15: Girl Power 
(Pa., EDT)
Stream: R2DLiu
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Munich Monthly
(Germany, GMT+2)
Stream: TheRealSNB
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees

Nebulous Melee #83
 (Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
» smash.gg | Organizer Facebook

House of Smash 43
 (Norway, GMT + 2)
Stream: SmashNorge
» smash.gg: Brackets,  Attendees | Organizer Facebook

S@PS Weekly 44
 (Pa., EDT)
Stream: PSUSmash
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

Sunday, April 23

Norcal Wants Revenge
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: SFSUSmash
Featuring: Spark, Ralph, Kevbot, GroovyGreenHat, Imyt,  S2B, and probably more good NorCal players.
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Sweet Spot 3
(Midwest: Ks., CDT)
Streams: PrivateQuantum and KU_Smash
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

Vandy Land 4 (South: Tenn., CDT)
Stream: VandySmash
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We Livin’ VI: Some of These Days 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: TheBalcony (Hitbox)
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Melee at Epic 46 (PNW: Ore., PDT)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
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Sentenced to Smash 32 (Gothenburg, GMT +2)
Stream: SmashGBG
Featuring JohnnyFight, Mike Haggar, and more Gothenburgers.
» smash.gg: BracketsAttendees

The Construct 76 
(Midwest: Wis., CDT)
Stream: EventHorizon
» Challonge | Facebook

All or Nothing! Melee and PM #016 
(Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: AONStreams
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

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  1. Dream April 22, 2017 at 11:57 am - Reply

    From Monterrey, Mexico.

    We have WeTecThose, hosted by Tecnologico de Monterrey

    122 attendees
    Melee, PM, Wii U


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