When’s Melee? April 28-30

This is a late version of When’s Melee, your weekly source for Melee tournament stream information. If you have info on any other events and their streams, please reach out on Twitter (linked below) or here in the comments. It is understood that Friday has passed, but we figure it’s best to have bracket info for last night’s tournaments for all you big ol nerds. Also, If you missed last weekend’s Melee action, you can click here to see the results.

DreamHack Austin
Region: Texas (CDT)
Stream: DreamHackSmash
Featuring: Armada, Hungrybox, Mango the Doubles God, Mew2King, Lonely Leffen, Plup, SFAT, Westballz, ChuDat, Axe, Wizzrobe, Duck, Shroomed, S2J, n0ne, MikeHaze, MacD, Laudandus, Gahtzu, HugS, Chillindude, El Fuego (Santiago), Crush, Syrox, Ken, Android, Tafokints, Toph, Mojo, Iceman, Albert, Valdo, Snowy, Bananas, ALP, Tirno, Logos, MojoMonkey, NY Joey, Jake13, Flux, JF, Blue Jay, Zhea, Chris Best, WebWipe, Crunch, SFOP, DonB, and a lot more ranked players from the region.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Website (includes schedule) | Facebook

Friday, April 28 (The Distant Past)

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT (Midwest: Ill., CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
» Challonge 

The Smash Break Bi Weekly (Tri-State: N.J., EDT)
Stream: 8wayrun
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

Man on a Ledge 154 (PGH, EDT)
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

Kent Combo 50 (Midwest: Ohio, EDT)
Stream: Frekydelic
» smash.gg | Organizer Facebook

Friday Night Turnip #48 (SoCal, PDT)
Stream: atoasteronfire
» smash.gg: Brackets | Organizer Facebook

Melee at the MADE #33 (NorCal, PDT)
Stream: TheMADEOakland
» smash.ggBrackets | Organizer Facebook

Saturday, April 29

SoCal Colosseum #10: The Last Colosseum/Arcadian Training 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: SSBMTutorials
Featuring: Lucky, CDK, Squid, Zeo, Captain Faceroll, Jace, Mchi, MegaChirstmas, and (as usual) more SoCal talent that has yet to register.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

Smash Factor Toluca
(Mex., CDT)
Stream: LaGema
Featuring: The Moon, Aza, Rael, Herran, and G$ according to promo material but not smash.gg.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

The Lab Gaming Presents: NaCl Monthly
(Ga., EDT)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring Druggedfox, Vro, KPAN, iluvcrispix, Type1, TBAG, GAwes, Tubes, Focus, and the beautiful dashdancedan.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees Facebook

Lift Off
 (Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
This Tri-State arcadian will have a higher level of play than one might expect, as it’s only excluding the past and present NYC Top 20, N.J. Top 5, Long Island top 5, and Conn. Top 5.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

Super Smashed Bros
(CenCal, PDT)
Stream: R3Central
Featuring: NMW, Spark, Mr. Brandondorf, dunk, and Widlar.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

No DI-owa 4
 (Midwest: Iowa, CDT)
Stream: SiouxCitySmash
Featuring Slowking, Low, and more of Siouxland’s best.
» smash.gg: BracketsAttendees | Facebook

Stream: PressStartLV
Featuring: Homemadewaffles, Nightmare, SK92, Bacon, and more!
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees

Fueled by Melee 12
Stream: VTechSmash
Featuring: Zain, Milkman (according to FB).
» smash.gg: BracketsAttendees | Facebook

AFK Games Monthly #17 
(W. Va., EDT)
Stream: AaronScaring
Featuring Sirmeris, Spy, AaronScaring, and more of ranked W. Va.
» smash.ggBracketsAttendees

Mass Madness 16 (New England: Mass., EDT)
Stream: GameUnderground
» Challonge | Facebook

Battle of Breakpoint
Stream: TheTsoiBoiGaming
Featuring: MOM, Leaf, Bobomb, and probably more good players from the region.
» Challonge (hopefully) | Facebook

PSU Smash: Sun-Shine
 (Pa., EDT)
Stream: PSUSmash
Featuring Genghis Connor vs. PSU.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees Facebook

Finals Destination 6
 (NorCal, PDT)
Stream: SmashAtBerkeley
» Challonge | Facebook

Winnipeg Smash Monthly 23
(Man., CDT)
Stream: ManitobaSmash
Featuring: Star, CmG, Stickman, Yol4, and Strike.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees

Smash Fort #26
(Germany, GMT+2)
Stream: GermanSmash
» Bracket

Sunday, April 30

Team Oxy Arcadian (SoCal, PDT)
Stream: TeamOxy
Featuring the unranked of the w o r l d ‘ s  b e s t  r e g i o n.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

(Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NoPauseTournaments
Featuring Bones, Widl, and probably more Tri-State players that will register at the event.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

Melee at Epic 47 (PNW: Ore., PDT)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
» ChallongeFacebook

All or Nothing! Melee and PM #017 
(Tri-State: N.Y., EDT)
Stream: AONStreams
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

Last Week’s Results

Bracket (Singles, Doubles)  VODs: Twitch, Youtube (not uploaded yet)
1. Swedish Delight
2. Lucky
3. Syrox
4. HugS
5. MikeHaze / Gahtzu
7. Bladewise / FatGoku
Bracket (Singles, Doubles)  VODs: Twitch, Youtube
1. Ryan Ford
2. n0ne
3. DJ Nintendo
4. Kage
5. Moky / G$
7. Legend / sauc3
Bracket (Singles, Doubles)  VODs: Twitch
1. Professor Pro
2. KirbyKaze
3. Squid
4. 2Saint
5. TheManaLord / dudustai
7. GSO / Arty
Bracket (Singles, Doubles)  VODs: n/a
1. ChuDat
2. Zgetto
3. Mahie
4. Adam(ayonmike)
5. $tijin / Flippy
7. beLia / r0cket_wizard

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