When’s Melee? Feb. 10-12

Yello and welcome to When’s Melee, your weekly source for Melee tournament stream information. If you have info on other events and their streams, please reach out on Twitter (linked below) or here in the comments. Also, If you missed last weekend’s Melee action, you can click here to see the results.

SmashBox 2
Region: UK, GMT
Stream: SmashHouseUK
Featuring Druggedfox, Professor Pro, Trif, Overtriforce, Amsah, Zgetto, homemadewaffles, Vanity Angle, MINT, R23, maXy, Frenzy, Alpha Dash, Deathgazer, ShiftingShadows, SaiX, Draz, and more (read in a British accent).
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Lan ETS 2017
  (2/11 – 2/12)
Region: Canada — MTL, EST
Stream: EvenMatchupGaming
Featuring Leffen, Ryan Ford, KirbyKaze, Kage, Trulliam, Nightmare, Legend, Tranimal, et plus.
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Norcal Validated 2
Region: NorCal, PST
Stream: DoYouPhilsMe
Featuring SFAT, Nintendude, dizzkidboogie, Laudandus, Azusa, Cactuar, Reno, Coolkid, NMW, Rocky, Phil, Darrell, Ralph, ycz6, s0ft, Spark, L, Berble, Kevbot, Mooninite, Wavebringer, Chris Best, Umarth, Kenji, DiplomaticTucan, Deenuna, and the legendary blargh257.
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Region: Midwest — Mich., EST
Stream: MeleeItOnMe
Featuring Duck, KJH, Gahtzu, Drephen, 4%, Ginger, Beach, Quang, Cal, Morsecode, MB-Smash, tm, Dempt, Juggleguy, Tran, and dozens of Reetz Brothers.
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Apollo II
Region: Tri-State — N.Y., EST
Stream: NebulousNYC, back on Twitch
Featuring Swedish Delight, The Moon, Captain Smuckers, Slox, and more good Tri-State talent that will register at the door.
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Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 1.18.45 PM
Kickstart 14
Region: UK, GMT
Stream: SmashHouseUK
Featuring Druggedfox, Professor Pro, Trif, Overtriforce, Amsah, Zgetto, homemadewaffles, MINT, Alpha Dash, BrTarolg, Vino, Deathgazer, SaiX, and more (also read in a British accent).
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Friday, Feb. 10

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Midwest: Ill., CST)
Stream: AuroraSmash
Featuring Kels, Vro, ORLY, Michael, Quin, Hindawg.
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Man on a Ledge 143
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
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Friday Night Turnip #38 
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
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SDSU Biweekly 55 
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: SDMeleeTV
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The Smashing Illini Weekly
(Midwest: Ill., CST)
Stream: TheSmasingIllini
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Saturday, Feb. 11

Boss Rush: Shroomed
 (Southwest: Ariz., MST)
Stream: SAKGamingTV
Featuring Shroomed, Medz, Taj, Tai, John Wick, Vitro, Douchebag Dylan, Nerin, Scape, and more.
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Super SmashNest v13 
(PNW: Ore., PST)
Stream: CacawGaming
Featuring FatGoku, Eggz, balloon, DeCoste in the Shell, Antic, and a nest made of controller cables it’s actually pretty cool.
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Quickly 14.5 Love at First Shine: Double Blind Date
 (SoCal, PST)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
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DrømmeLAN 6.0
(Norway, UTC+1)
Stream: SmashNorge
Featuring: Zorc, Kriz, Sverre, Askeflink, Toa, Vdogg, Howie, og mer.
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Quit Your Day Job
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
Featuring: Abate, Genghis Connor, Taki, PGH Carroll, Beanwolf.
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Event Match 11: King of the Mountain 
(Penn., EST)
Stream: R2DLiu
Featuring: R2DLiu, Widl, Ultimascout, TRK.
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UNCG: Sweetheart Scuffle 
(South: N.C., EST)
Stream: ChoiceGG
Featuring: Weilin, Zasa, Tylenol P-M, Ambition, $aef.
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Smash at Xanadu Monthly 
(MD/Va, EST)
Stream: VGBootCamp
Featuring probably a fair amount of regional talent but without pre-reg it’s hard to tell. However, it’s on VGBC so people will watch it regardless of the talent pool.
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VSB Saturday: Season 2 
(B.C., PST)
Stream: VanStreetBattle
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Smash @ Penn State Weekly 40
 (Pa., EST)
Stream: PSUSmash
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Sunday, Feb. 12

We Livin’ IV: Puttin’ On the Ritz
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: TheBalcony (Hitbox)
Featuring: Westballz, Captain Faceroll, Kira, KoopaTroopa, Zeo, Mchi, Trichael Man, DonB, Jago, Maruf, Andymosity, CPU, and more.
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Super Smash Arena
 Vol. 16 (Ont., EST)
Stream: AffinityPlay
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Fair Fights! 20 
(NorCal, PST)
Stream: TerraShockGaming
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MoMoS! Melee #136
 (Tri-State: N.J., EST)
Stream: HitboxArena
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Sentenced to Smash 28 (Sweden, UTC +1)
Stream: SmashGBG
Featuring JohnnyFight and more Gothenburgers.
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The Construct 70 
(Midwest: Wis., CST)
Stream: EventHorizon
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Queen City Melee XXIX 
(New England: Vt., EST)
Stream: VermontMelee
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All or Nothing! Melee and PM #007
 (Tri-State: N.Y., EST)
Stream: AONStreams
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 Last Week’s Results

Bracket | VODs: TwitchYouTube
1. Plup
2. Colbol
3. Flipsy
4. HP
5. Prof / Juanpi
7. Linguini / Shamunt
Bracket | VODs: TwitchYouTube
1. Swedish Delight
2. Captain Smuckers
3. Slox
4. Ryobeat
5. lint / Phantom Renegade (Swiftbass)
7. Scale / Bolt
Bracket | VODs: Twitch, YouTube (not all up yet)
1. Professor Pro
2. MINT (who reset the bracket vs Prof!)
3. maXy
4. Frenzy
5. ministry / R23
7. Way / Leck
Bracket | VODs: Twitch, YouTube (not all up yet)
1. Westballz
2. S2J
3. HugS
5. Foxnard / Epic Murloc
7. Wieners / Andymosity
Bracket | VODs: Twitch, YouTube (not all up yet)
1. Iceman
2. Rustin
3. Vino
4. Gus
5. Chevy / Oreo
7. Aura / GriGri
Bracket | VODs: Twitch, YouTube (not all up yet)
1. Kels
2. Vro
4. Michael
5. Prince Abu / Azzu
7. Trix / Quin
Bracket | VODs: TwitchYouTube
1.  C!Z
3. Kevorkian
4. Clutch
5. Atomsk / Dekunut
7. Arctic / Scrandino

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