This is When’s Melee, your weekly preview of Melee tournaments. If you know of any other streamed tournaments that we have missed (excluding weeklies), please give us the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments.

Smash Valley: Lucky #7 
Region: Penn. (EST)
Streams: MeleeEverydayPSUSmash (multistream)
Featuring: Hungrybox, Lucky, Duck, Zain, Swedish Delight, lloD, KJH, MikeHaze, Rishi, Hax, Ginger, Drephen, Abate, iBDW, Jerry, Kaeon, homemadewaffles, mayb, Milkman, R2DLiu, Atomsk, Boyd, lint, TheRealThing, Qerb, hat, Milhous, SluG, Cool Lime, Wenbo, Bones, nerd, Fendy, and more ranked folks from the mid-atlantic and midwest.
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Saturday, Feb. 17

Regen 2018 
(Wales, GMT)
Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Professor Pro, Setchi, Frenzy, UnHaven, Isdsar, Hao, Mordo, and more ranked UK players.
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Stand Up and Shout 
(Qué, EST)
Stream: SSBMontreal
Featuring: Ryan Ford, Legend, Lunar Dusk, et plus.
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ETSU-Con 2018 
(Tenn, CST)
Stream: MusicCitySmash on YouTube
Featuring: Iori, Sharkz, Googlyeyed, Cob, NIX, Dublat, Amida, CAUP, Yort, LSD, and one of America’s Best Value Colleges according to The Princeton Review.
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Master Hand Monthly: February 2018
 (Ind, EST)
Stream: PBLKGaming
Featuring: Rik, Blahguy, and probably more good Indiana players that will register Friday.
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Manitoba Winter Smash 2 (Man, CST)
Stream: ManitobaSmash
Featuring: La Luna vs Manitoba’s best.

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