This week marks the 3rd anniversary of When’s Melee, your weekly preview of Melee tournaments. If you know of any other streamed tournaments that we have missed (excluding weeklies), please give us the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments. Master list of weekly tournaments coming soon™ like for real it’s almost ready.

No Fun Allowed 2
Region: Texas (CST)
Streams: TourneyLocator
Featuring: HugS, La Luna, Swedish Delight, MikeHaze, Gahtzu, Bananas, Albert, Arc, bobby big ballz, ALP, Bunk, Lunchables, hamyojo, Tirno, JF, and no fun.
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Phoenix Blue: Smash Championship 
Region: Sweden (UTC+1)
Streams: GeekyGoonSquad
Featuring: Leffn, Trif, Overtriforce, Professor Pro, Daydee, JohnnyFight, Zorc, FA0, Zoler, Humpe, Sverre, Timi, Pipsqueak, Jadde, Calle W, Levingy, och mer.
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Xanadu – End of an Era
Region: MD/VA (EST)
Streams: VGBootCamp
Featuring: ChuDat, lloD, Hax, Jerry, Chillindude, Kaeon, hat, Vist, Plank, Bones, Wenbo, Peanutphobia, Tylenol, JBash, and more at the final Xanadu event.
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Friday, Feb. 23

The Frame Trap House 19
 (N.J, EST)
Stream: TeamSpaceTSC
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Saturday, Feb. 24

(Mich, EST)
Stream: MeleeEveryday and Druggedfox coaching people on MeleeEveryday2
Featuring: Duck, KJH, Drephen, JCubez, Heartstrings, Milhous, Papa, 999, Quang, Mingee, MB-Smash, Jagerbombsoldier, IDCrisis, Ferriswheel.
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Revenge of the 6ix: Episode III
 (Ont, EST)
Stream: EvenMatchupGaming
Featuring: Ryan Ford, Trulliam, Nightmare, Jamrun, Plum, Monib, Liquid, and how do I pronounce 6ix?
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We Tech Those 12 
(Ga, EST)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring: Colbol, s0ft, HT, Dublat, baka4moe, Davemon, Den, Yort.
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King of the Springs 3 
(Ark, CST)
Stream: KS_Smash
Featuring: Ginger, Uncle mojo, Bobby Frizz, Shinobi, Iori, SDJ, Schythed, dansdaman, DairDeviL, Underscores, Iifter, Flux, and geothermally-heated-groundwater-based monarchy.
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Anchor Down Smash 6
 (Tenn, CST)
Stream: VandySmash
Featuring: Cob, Googlyeyed, Thexy, Wolven, and (for the sixth time) the ghost of Cornelius Vanderbilt himself.
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WeTecThose – San Valenteams 2 
(Mty, CST)
Stream: Lykon735
Featuring: .jpg, Maxinho, Monty, y más.

Hall of Gaming Monthly #9 
(Conn, EST)
Stream: CTMelee
Featuring: Slox, Swiftbass, Ricky.
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uOttawa Monthly #5 
(Ont, EST)
Stream: StreamlandSSB
Featuring: Vanitas, Flood, Meelo, Jesus, Anvil, SAUS.

Where’s Dylan? – Ramapo Springs Monthly 
(N.J, EST)
Stream: rood2790

Sam “Is E.T. CG?” Greene can be found on Twitter @SSBMDingus.