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The NorCal Classic  (2/25)
Region: NorCal, PST
Stream: Atrioc
SFAT, Shroomed, PewPewU, Nintendude, Zhu, Laudandus, Darkatma, Reno, Azusa, Frootloop, homemadewaffles, and Phil will face off in an invitational bracket commentated by Scar and Toph in honor of SFAT’s last weekend in NorCal.
» smash.gg: Bracket, Attendees

Tampa Never Sleeps 7
 (2/25 – 2/26)
Region: Fla., EST
Stream: MVG_League
Featuring Hungrybox, Mew2King, Colbol, King Momo, MrLz, Harriet, A Rookie, Oppa,
Dingo, Sinbad, and a very confusing schedule.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Schedule | Facebook

Super Smash Sundays 56
Region: SoCal (PST)
Streams: TeamOxy and TeamOxy2
Featuring: SFAT, PewPewU, Chillindude, Captain Faceroll, Kira, Trichael Man, Andymosity, and more SoCal talent that has yet to register.
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Friday, Feb. 24

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Midwest: Ill., CST)
Stream: AuroraSmash
» Challonge 

Man on a Ledge 145
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
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Kent Combo 43
(Midwest: Ohio, EST)
Stream: Frekydelic
smash.gg | Facebook

Friday Night Turnip #40 
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming
» smash.gg (maybe) | If not smash.gg, it’ll be on here | Facebook

SDSU Biweekly 56 
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: SDMeleeTV
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The Smashing Illini Weekly
(Midwest: Ill., CST)
Stream: TheSmasingIllini
» Challonge

Saturday, Feb. 25

An Epic Anniversary
(PNW: Ore., PST)
Stream: EndGameTV1 and EndGameTV2
Featuring: MikeHaze, Bladewise, CDK, FatGoku, Darrell, Eggz, Iceman, Chip, Vish, balloon, FoosJr, Nikabod, ThePrime, Bizz, and more.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

Mass Madness Monthly #15 (New England: Mass., EST)
Stream: GameUnderground
Featuring: Crush, Slox, Mafia, InfiniteNumbers, th0rn, and more of the New England PR plus some Tri-State players maybe?
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GV Grand Prix 10
(Midwest: Mich., EST)
Stream: MeleeItOnMe
Featuring Duck, KJH, Ginger, Morsecode, tm, Heartstrings, Juggleguy, Beach, Crip, Tran, and Reetz brothers.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

Naptown Clutch VI
(Midwest: Ind., EST)
Stream: PushBlockGaming
Featuring: The Moon, Redd, Rik, Lanceinthepants, and more.
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Leffen’s EU Netplay Grandmaster Tourney
(~The Internet~)
Stream: LFFN
Featuring Adam,Zoler, Belia, , other good EU players, Leffen and Ice on commentary, and a cool effort to improve higher-level Europe’s netplay community.
Starts at 4p.m. CET.

Smash at York #15
 (Ontario, EST)
Stream: EvenMatchupGaming
Featuring: KirbyKaze, Ryan Ford, Trulliam, Night Mayor, Moky, Coffeeblack, Monib, Damian Tyson, and more.
» smash.gg: BracketsAttendees | Facebook

FuenlaSmash 2
(Spain, UTC + 1)
Stream: MAZOSmash
Featuring: OverTriforce, Joshi, K-27, Kei, Marah, SaiX, y más.
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Chapel Thrillz: Clem Likes French Bread
(South: N.C., EST)
Stream: ChoiceGG
Featuring an incredible bread-themed layout.
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Kings of Hali 2: Clash of Kings
Stream: FuelStreaming (Finishes on 2/26)
Featuring: Most of Atlantic Canada’s PR’d players, including “sun wearing dogglasses” (formerly Jerflip), which is one of the greatest tags I’ve ever seen.
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | ScheduleFacebook

PRAXIS 3: Discipline and Punish Game
(Midwest: Ill., CST)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
» smash.gg: Brackets, Attendees | Facebook

The Construct 72 
(Midwest: Wis., CST)
Stream: EventHorizon
» Challonge | Facebook

House of Smash 39
 (Norway, UTC + 2)
Stream: SmashNorge
» smash.gg: Brackets,  Attendees


Nebulous Melee #77 (Tri-State: N.Y., EST)
Stream: NebulousNYC
» smash.gg | Facebook

Sunday, Feb. 26

SmAshedville 2
(South: N.C., EST)
Stream: SmashDotLive
» Challonge

Super AON Melee Monthly (Tri-State: N.Y., EST)
Stream: AONStreams
» Challonge | Facebook

Fair Fights! 21 
(NorCal, PST)
Stream: TerraShockGaming
» Facebook

The Lab Melee Bi-Weekly #6
(Penn., EST)
Stream: Bros_Calamity
» smash.gg

MoMoS! Melee Weekly 
(Tri-State: N.J., EST)
Stream: HitboxArena
» Challonge | Facebook

VSB Sunday 
(B.C., PST)
Stream: VanStreetBattle
» Challonge | Facebook

Smash at Alliance 9 
(Ont., EST)
Stream: SimcoeCountySmash
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