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Emerald City 6 (1/13)
Region: Wash. (PST)
Stream: EndGameTV1
Featuring: Bladewise, FatGoku, Moky, iBDW, Iceman, NMW, 2saint, Spud, Phil, Rustin, Quaff, Vinodh, Fauxhebro, eBay, Webwipe, Espi, Oreo, Aura, ThePrime, zilo, BOR, and more Pacific Northwest talent.
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Region: Mich. (EST)
Stream: MeleeItOnMe
Featuring: Swedish Delight, Duck, KJH, Ginger, Drephen, Morsecode762, Heartstrings, Boyd, Holiday, Yoyo, Magicubed, Russell, Dempt, 999, tm, Sheep, Papyrus, i4n, Parzival, MB Smash, Crip, Zetts, Deep Fox, 2Framez, IDCrisis, and more Michiganders.
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Friday, Jan. 12

Melee at the MADE #54 
(NorCal, PST)
Stream: TheMADEOakland
Featuring: Plup, Rocky, Ralph, DiplomaticTucan, Umarth, Azel, Imyt, Maybe, and probably more NorCal talent.
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MoaL 191 
Stream: PGHSmash
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Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Ill, CST)
Stream: AuroraSmash
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Friday Night Turnip #84 
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: TopShelfEsports
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Saturday, Jan. 13

Miles’ Ale House 
(Vic, GMT+11, late night Friday for NA)
Stream: MelbourneMelee
Featuring: SA Nick, DonB, Sora, Rainbow, Kaiza, Microsoft J, Pretty Cool Guy, and the best stream in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Kickoff – Spring 2018 
(Tenn, CST)
Stream: VandySmash
Featuring: Iori, DairDeviL, Googlyeyed, Wolven, Mewwy, moogle, Rooster, Den, CeeLew, Grab, DaveMon, and more ranked mid-south players.
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Big PPM Berlin 2
 (Germany, UTC+1)
Stream: Penta_TV
Featuring: SchlimmShady, Charon, Fatman.Spam, Konati, Stivo, and more ranked Berlin players.
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PRAXIS 5: Moms Against Melee 
(Ill, CST)
Streams: MeleeEveryday and UChicagoSmash
Featuring: Michael, quindelin, Trix, Poefire, Zamu, Blendtec, and probably more Chicago talent.
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Master Hand Monthly 
(Ind, EST)
Stream: PBLKGaming
Featuring: Rik, Lanceinthepants, Phrigid, Blahguy.
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Nebulous Melee #109 (N.Y, EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
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2017-01-14 14_19_05-WMbackup.docx - Microsoft Word
S@PS Anniversary: Oh Baby a Triple 
(Penn, EST)
Stream: PSUSmash
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The Juicy Monthly 
(Fla, EST)
Stream: JuicyGameNight2
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Road to Top 16! 
(Baja, PST)
Stream: RedGibbon
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We Tech Those 3 
(N.J, EST)
Stream: ended up not being one…
Featuring: Junebug, Stango, Atomsk, Kalvar, ctrlaltdefeat, Lunchables, bonfire10, Mask, Kevorkian, 47, Venti, Jesse, Icy, Turtle, and really this is the cover photo?
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Sunday, Jan. 14

Catedral 2018 
(Pue, CST)
Streams: NovaGamingSmash y shffl_mx (multistream)
Featuring: Yu, Aza, Maxinho, KRIS-, Rael, Kyb, Herrán, Lengüitas, Beiker, Yeyo, Cotorra, Mauricio, y más.
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Bham Revival #4
(Wash, PST)
Stream: BestBudsLounge
Featuring: NMW, Spud, Quaff, Moky, and probably more people that also went to Emerald City.
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SwampCon: Voyage 
(Fla, EST)
Stream: GForceGG
Featuring: Sinbad, GreenDragonMaster, Chef Rach. Earlier bracket on Saturday.
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Sentenced to Smash 49 (Sweden, UTC+1)
Stream: SmashGBG
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The Construct 98 
(Wis, CST)
Stream: EventHorizon
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Smash at Epic 67 (Ore, PST)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
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