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Saturday, Jan. 14


The Road to Genesis 
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: SSBMTutorials
Featuring: Westballz, Druggedfox, Lucky, MikeHaze, MacD, CDK , Captain Faceroll, Kira, ARMY and more SoCal talent that has yet to register.
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(Midwest: Mich., EST)
Stream: MeleeItOnMe
Featuring: Ice, Duck, KJH, Prince Abu, Ginger, Coffeeblack, Vro, Nightmare, Anther, tm, Juggleguy, Beach, Heartstrings, Shaeden, some Reetz brothers, and the wonderful Webs.
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NorCal Validated 
(NorCal, PST)
Stream: thewaffle77
Featuring: Plup, SFAT, PewPewU, Nintendude, Professor Pro, Zhu, Laudandus, Azusa, Cactuar, Kalamazhu, Darkatma, Frootloop, hmw, NMW, s0ft, Boulevard, Toph, Spark, L, Zorc, Dr. Z, and more!
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Arcamelee #2 
(Lyon, France, UTC +1, also on Sunday)
Stream: antvibe8
Featuring: The Moon, Overtriforce, Amsah, Vanity Angel, Mahie, Jah Ridin’, Däumling, Djagof, Fauster, beLia, SchlimmShady, yogui, and more.
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Atlantic Extravangza 
(Tri-State: Penn., EST)
Stream: AtlanticExtravaganza
Featuring: DJ Nintendo, SmashG0D, G$, R2DLiu, Junebug, Wenbo, Plank, Widl, hat, Sharkz, Peanutphobia, Griffith, Nurok, Gato, and extravagance.
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TGL Monthly 12 
(South: Fla., EST)
Stream: TrailGamingLeague
Featuring: Colbol, Gahtzu, Slox, Porkchops, DrunkSloth, Elliot, SpiderSense, Oaty, RockCrock,  Hungry Pigeon, and more.
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Battlefield 10 
(Ariz., MST)
Stream: SAKGamingTV
Featuring: Axe, Medz, Tai, Taj, Forward, John Wick, and 10 Battlefields.
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UWaterloo Melee Monthly #1 – Literally HOLD DOWN 
(Ontario, EST)
Stream: UWSmashClub
Featuring: KirbyKaze, Ryan Ford, Trulliam, Damian Tyson, Vanitas, and a great banner image.
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Finding Chip 
(PNW: Wash., PST)
Stream: SmashBrosAtWSU
Featuring: Bladewise, Rustin, The_Doug, Chevy, Shiny, Kamaji, Cowbell, Bizz, and a lost Chip.
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Room 50 
(Midwest: Ohio, EST)
Stream: OSU_Melee
Featuring: Drephen, 4%, voorhese, Papa, Kanye Rest, Team Nick, Cob, Deep Fox, and the legendary Sp1nda.
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House of Paign 12 
(Midwest: Ill., CST)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
Featuring: Dart, Rik, Lanceinthepants, ORLY, quin, Blendtec, Ripple, and more.
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HYES! 5 – Road to G4 
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: TheSoftReset
Featuring: Little England, Sergio, DD, V$, Videowaffles, Mair, Kony, Slime, and a road.
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S@PS Anniversary: The Double 
(Penn., EST)
Stream: PSUSmash
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Mass Madness 14 
(New England: Mass., EST)
Stream: BigBlueES
Featuring: Mafia, dudutsai, bvb, Arty, Yasu, BonkCushy, Bugatti, Crunch, and likely more good NE players that didn’t preregister.
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Sunday, Jan. 15

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Catedral 2017 
(Mexico, UTC – 6)
Stream: NovaGamingSmash
Featuring: Aza, KRIS-, Lenuitas, Herran, Beiker, Marco, and more.
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We Tech Those 9 
(South: Ga., EST)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring: baka4moe, iluvcrispix, Zoma, Yort, Gas$, Een!, Focus, and more.
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The Construct 68: Frostbite Edition 
(Midwest: Wis., CST)
Stream: EventHorizon
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