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DreamHack Atlanta
 2017 (7/21-23)
Region: Ga., EDT
Stream: DreamHackSmash
Featuring: Hungrybox, Mew2King, Plup, SFAT, Axe, n0ne, The Moon, ChuDat, Druggedfox, Crush, Colbol, Slox, Ryan Ford, Gahtzu, Chillindude, Syrox, Drephen, homemadewaffles, Drunksloth, Ginger, ZoSo, Zeo, Rik, Vro, Reeve, KPAN, A Rookie, R2DLiu, Cob, iluvcrispix, and tons of ranked players from the Atlantic South. Also Waka Flocka.
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Friday, July 21

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Ill., CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
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Friday Night Turnip #60 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming or TopShelfEsports
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Melee at the MADE #39
 (NorCal, PDT)
Stream: TheMADEOakland
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Tuk House Weekly (Wash., PDT)
Stream: TukHouseSmash
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Saturday, July 22

Dash Dancers Dawn
(Germany, UTC+2)
Stream: GeekyGoonSquad2
Featuring: Professor Pro, Trif, Overtriforce, Avalancer, Reaper, Däumling, SchlimmShady, Blaze, Yomi, FrozenLight, Chrollo, Jim Morrison, Feradit, und mehr.
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Azension II
(Sweden, UTC+2)
Stream: GeekyGoonSquad
Featuring: JohnnyFight, Daydee, Rocky, Eagle, FA0, Zoler, Humpe, and more ranked players from Sweden and Denmark. Top 8 on Sunday.
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HoG’s CTMelee Monthly #1 
(Conn., EDT)
Stream: CTMelee
Featuring: Slox, lint, Thumbs, and probably more good New England and Tri-State players.
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UWaterloo Monthly #3
(Ont., EDT)
Stream: UWSmashClub
Featuring: Trulliam, Nightmare, Jamrun, nintnt, Snivy102, Windrose, Liquid, and more ranked Canadians.
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Lost In Space
 (Ohio, EDT)
Stream: CoOptedLive
Featuring: TheRealThing, Hanky Panky, Fizzle_Boy, Cal, Boyd, Spy, Eggnawg, Vinsanity, Kanye Rest, Team Nick, and more ranked Ohio folks.
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Kings of Vancouver IV
(B.C., PDT)
Stream: UBCEsports
Featuring: Ka-Master, Webwipe, Espi, Polo, ministry, PapaHo, and the legendary Ovenn.
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Battlegrounds Smash Monthly #5 
(Va., EDT)
Stream: Redd
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Hard Reads: Shine and Punishment
 (N.Y., EDT)
Stream: PastimeLegends
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UOttawa Smash Monthly #3 
(Ont., EDT)
Stream: StreamlandSSB
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Nebulous Melee #92 (N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
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Ball House Brawl
(Ill., CDT)
Stream: EJsPowerBlock
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Sunday, July 23

Quartered 02
(U.K., UTC)
Stream: PhoenixSmash or MobiusMan
Featuring: Professor Pro, Deathgazer, Manyula, Okameed.
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Did You See the Reads in Leeds? 4
(U.K., UTC)
Stream: LsSmash
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MoMoS! Melee Weekly 
(N.J., EDT)
Stream: HitboxArena
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Smash at Epic 56 (Ore., PDT)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
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