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Get On My Level 2017
Region: Ont., EDT
Streams: EvenMatchupGaming and EvenMatchupGaming3 (multistream)
Featuring: Hungrybox, Leffen, SFAT, Westballz, Shroomed, Ice, Duck, Crush, n0ne, Lucky, The Moon, MacD, MikeHaze, HugS, Bladewise, Abate, Prince Abu, Ryan Ford, DJ Nintendo, Zain, Hax, Mafia, Kage, Trulliam, Nightmare, Vro, R2DLiu, Ginger, Moky, Coffeeblack, Legend, 2saint, Heartstrings, IB, Fork, and more ranked Northeastern U.S. and East Canada players.
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Friday, July 28

The Smash Break Bi Weekly
 (N.J., EDT)
Stream: 8wayrun
» Challonge | Organizer Facebook

Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT 
(Ill., CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
» Challonge

Friday Night Turnip #61 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: MikeHazeGaming or TopShelfEsports
» smash.gg | Organizer Facebook

SDSU Biweekly 67 
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: SDMeleeTV
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Tuk House Weekly (Wash., PDT)
Stream: TukHouseSmash
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Saturday, July 29

Unrivaled VIII: Defend Florida
 (Fla., EDT)
Stream: PolarityGG
Featuring: Plup, Colbol, Slox, Envy, Derdian, Harriet, Oaty, Krudo, and more CFL talent that will register on site.
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 (France, UTC+2)
Stream: GeekyGoonSquad2
Featuring: Trif, Overtriforce, Jah Ridin’, Tekk, Aephage, JiM, et plus de joueur. Finals on Sunday.
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Knox Smash Summit 2.0
(Tenn., EDT)
Stream: PlayerStock
Featuring: Iori, Googlyeyed, Cob, Amida, DairDeviL, Dezno, Xtreme, 2KrunkVillain.
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Master Hand Monthly #12
 (Ind., EDT)
Stream: PBLKGaming
Featuring: Rik, Lanceinthepants, Phrgid, Photonic, and TED gaming’s khale.
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New Wave ~ UK Summer Arcadian
 (U.K., UTC+1)
Stream: BigGoodGaming and PhoenixSmash (multistream)
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Super SmashNest v17 
(Ore., PDT)
Stream: CacawGaming
Featuring: FatGoku, Nikabod, dsl_pl0x, Alien, and a screening of Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”
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Event Match 23 
(Penn., EDT)
Stream: R2DLiu
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Monthly Godlike (Lasseigne)
 (La., CDT)
Stream: OpponentProcess
» Challonge | Facebook

SHFFL Prime #1
 (Mex., UTC-5)
Stream: shffl_mx
» smash.gg | Facebook

FuenlaSmash 5
 (Spain, UTC+2)
Stream: MAZOSmash
» smash.gg | Facebook

The Construct 83 
(Wis., CDT)
Stream: EventHorizon
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House of Smash 48
 (Norway, UTC+ 2)
Stream: SmashNorge
» smash.gg

Nebulous Melee #93 (N.Y., EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
» smash.gg | Organizer Facebook

Smash@Lomas Bar 7
 (Tam., CDT)
Stream: SmashTampico
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Sunday, July 30

20Xspresso Notgud Edition
(Penn., EDT)
Stream: BatteryAzid357
» smash.gg | Facebook

MoMoS! Melee Weekly 
(N.J., EDT)
Stream: HitboxArena
» Challonge

Smash at Epic 57 (Ore., PDT)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
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