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Low Tier City 4 
• 6/18 – 6/19
Region: Texas (CDT)
Stream: TourneyLocator
Featuring: Hungrybox, Mang0, Lucky, Wizzrobe, Javi, Wobbles, ESAM, Tai, Uncle Mojo, hamyojo, and more!
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Dreamhack Smash Championship: Summer 2016 
• 6/18 – 6/19
Region: Sweden (UTC+1)
Stream: DreamhackSmash
Featuring: Armada, Leffen, Ice, Professor Pro, Fuzzyness, Android, Daumling, Amsah, Zoler, and more!
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Emerald City III
• 6/18
Region: PNW (WA, PDT)
Stream: EndGameTV1 and EndGameTV2
Featuring: Silent Wolf, SFAT, Zhu, Bladewise, Mikehaze, our very own CDK, NMW, Iceman, Eggz, Fatgoku, Epengu and Chroma on commentary, and more!
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Apex 2016
• 6/17 – 6/19
Region: Tri-State (NJ, EDT)
Streams: TeamSp00ky & SmashStudios
Featuring: Mew2King, The Moon, DJ Nintendo, Mafia, Jflex, Minty, and more!
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PolarityGG’s 24 Hour Charity Stream for Orlando
• 6/17 – 6/18
Region: Florida (EDT)
Stream: PolarityGG
Featuring: Plup, Gahtzu, Gravy and more!
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Friday – 6/17

Man On A Ledge 111
Region: PGH (PA, EDT)
Stream: PGHNEOHSmash
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Aurora Smash Heroes @ WIT

Region: Midwest (IL, CDT)
Stream: AuroraSmash
Featuring: likely HugS vs Chicago
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lucky straws
Winter Garden Weekly #60

Region: Central Florida (EDT)
Stream: GdLkGaming
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Friday Night Turnip #7

Region: Socal (PDT)
Stream: TheSoftReset
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2016-06-10 01_20_36-Four Stock Friday @ SJSUww23233w #16
Four Stock Friday @ SJSU #17

Region: Norcal (PDT)
Stream: SJSUmelee
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Saturday – 6/18

8th Well Played Monthly

Region: Toronto (EDT)
Stream: AffinityPlay
Featuring: n0ne, Ryan Ford, Kage the Warrior, Coffeeblack, Fork, and more!
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Madd City 3: Greensboro

Region: North Carolina (EDT)
Stream: smashdotlive  (no internet, no stream ;_; )
Featuring: Redd, milkman, Twitch, Cam/Ronzell, $Mike, Sharkz, and more. 
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Rubicon 11 ft. HugS

Region: Chicago (IL, CDT)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
Featuring: HugS, Kjh, Kels, Captain Faceroll, Drephen, Vro, Rik and more!
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Mass Madness

Region: New England (EDT)
Stream: TDB (probably either BigBlueES or GameUnderground)
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Region: Socal (PDT)
Stream: UplandMelee
Featuring: Kira, Squid, and more!
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Nebulous Prime Melee #43 ft. Crew Battles

Region: Tri-State (NY, EST)
Stream: NebulousGaming (hitbox)
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Hidden Power: June

Region: South (AL, CDT)
Stream: AlabamaSmashLeague
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Press L+R+A+Start 22

Region: Las Vegas (PDT)
Stream: PressStartLV
Featuring: SK92, Jpegimage, Ka-Master, Saiko, Dansdaman, Prinny, Bacon, and more!
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Sunday- 6/19

Super Smash Sundays 46

Region: Socal (PDT)
Streams: TeamOXY
Featuring: MacD, Squid, Mchi and more that have yet to register!
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Last Week’s Results

Bracket, VODs: Youtube: EHG (includes top 8), ME
1. Hungrybox
2. Swedish Delight (and his Luigi…)
3. Mew2King
4. Shroomed
5. Westballz / SFAT
7. n0ne / Wizzrobe
Bracket, VODs: Twitch, Youtube (not up yet)
1. Lucky
2. HugS
4. dizzkidboogie
5. MikeHaze / Tai
7. Azusa / Squid
Bracket, VODs: Twitch, Youtube (not up yet)
1. DJ Nintendo
2. The Moon
3. Minty
4. CIZ
5. Zealous5000 / Kevorkian
7. Faber / Atomsk
Bracket, VODs: Hitbox, Youtube
1. Captain Smuckers
2. Jflex
3.  MOM!
4. Ryobeat
Bracket, VODs: Twitch, Youtube (not up yet)
2. Westballz
3. Vro
4. Rik
5. Kira / LanceInThePants
7. Voorhese / Hindawg

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